An Ominous Reading: Ride of the Dullahan EB guide

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  1. Simple, sweet, easy going eb.
    Everyone who hits gets a Dullahan Box which can drop some neat little goodies for the Halloween spirit.

    This guide is from last year. Last year it dropped the Dullahan BOX for everyone if they hit. This year it drops a Dullahan CHEST, which is not a guaranteed drop. Ty.

    How To Open

    You got them tarot cards that keep mysteriously showing up in your legends? Hope you chose well because you need 6 unique cards to open the eb!


    Use these cards in this order and you're in the clear!

    Just attack and assassinate the rest of the way.

    Happy Kawing!
  2. Mei making a thread-
    What blasphemy is this?
  3. I've made a few threads here and there lol. Last thread I made was the guide to the Lycoan eb.
  4. this is actually helpful.. quick and to the point
  5. Well images don’t load, it just says image loading, I’ve got all the banners apart from one
  6. I have also made many a thread as I am the genius
  7. Well done Mei! Appreciate this
  8. Mei is sooo damn awesome! Always helping other players out. She even giving all her nob boxes away for 1 tiny charm each.
  9. Thanks mei, much appreciated
  10. Thank you, Mei!

    Left choices give Judgement, Moon, or Chariot

    Right choices give Death, Hermit, or Devil
  11. Nice thread, Mei :)
  12. Thanks, Mei.. appreciated!
  13. With the return of the Lycoan eb and tarot cards, I'm going to bump this for card order visibility.
  14. Thanks Mei.
  15. This event dont need cards from my understanding, correct? But will drop cards that will be used in 3rd Saga starting on Nov 7th, according to event forum thread?


  17. Correct. This thread I bumped is possibly for the eb that will be in the 3rd part of the series. But it gives a bit more visibility on what the cards are used for and how many and what order it could possibly be. It's only a guess atm.

    Just for clarification, the current eb, the Lycoan eb requires circle pieces to open.