An Ode To Roni

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  1. The fact glenn always uses val's signiture v screennames is just glenn useing vals legacy to assert himself out of vals fame.
  2. Transgender or not...she has visible ass.
  3. Val had a signature Val name. I don't remember him ever being -V-. You know V for Vendetta, a name linked with a clan I was part off. I also love hearing the Val insult cause I also hear I'm a Vendetta copycat too, it just makes me wonder how I can be an imposter of both... Unless one of them is an imposter of the other lmao. Grasping at straws Roni, keep grasping.
  4. So you just got up and rage quit your clan to farm a girl for no reason other than you can... Doesn't seem realistic. if it is true tho then you are not the person to be making insults about loyalty, you probably even have Aztec worried about your loyalty now.
  5. As worried as Aztec may be they'd never drop her, they really can't afford to lose any more semi-active players. ;)
  6. Yup I did. Woke up one sunny morning and thought to myself "hmmm.. let me farm the crap out of a garden tool". And I never quit a clan. I was kicked out a bit. So my loyalty is with my clan.
  7. lol yo Glenn youve always been a Val cheerleader ...youve always been in cahoots with him, backing his moves, involved in his "dealings" as much as anybody else has so be real for once and stop denying that :lol: :lol: :lol: i said earlier when u see him again and give him that $2000 tell him we said hi lol
  8. dkod have lost loads of members- party in my underoos is ex dkod j-devil .Lili was in a osw against aztec.They have seen what a good fighter she is and i dont get jealous much of anyone.But i watched Lili strip Lanie 24/7 i was in awe with her. i know i could never do that alone .i wouldnt even attempt it.Lili is one of the few on kaw that i do wish i had her ability and confidence to pull off big feats like that.Lili is fearless .All that try to mock her really are not even in her league. She is powerful ammunition to have on your side.
  9. ....filthy trolls u know what she means!!!

    Flat Butt Lili kicks ass!!!

  10. She lashes out at what she lacks?
  11. Val had nothing to do with the $2000 lol, I'm sure he wish he did tho. Who wouldn't