An Ode To Roni

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  1. Nice poem
  2. He sound guilty and butthurt
  4. What's with all these posts recently to roni? Are these all alts trying to make Roni famous?
  5. V the word that describes what i said to you and which you cant handle is being emasculated. And no freeman none of them are me . i aint been on my alts for 5-6 months now.
  6. Hey -V-, I think we need a Lesbians of KaW thread. I nominate you because presently I don't know anyone else who cares enough to make it a point. Honestly though, I think it'd be hilarious.
  7. How fat.
  8. [​IMG]

    @OP ...keep dreaming buddy :p :p :p

  9. I'm more guilty of taking Twiccs $2000
  10. Ok let me break this down this post for you.

    •if I had lesbian fantasises it wouldn't be about some girl who sounds like a mixture of a London chav and the chipmunks and a Russian girl who isn't that old but already sagging worse than pipes granny.

    •"u wouldn't feel the need to taunt roni if u didn't seek attention."
    This is literally the thing that Roni has built her name off. I guess she is a "bit lonely".

    •"U've never been anything but a big mouth, bruh. And all ur attempts at anything more went limp."
    Tell that to the 3 dead Aztec clans.

    •Roni is a great partner? Shame you can't have children together naturally.

  11. Hey have u talked to Val lately? How is he? ...when u give him that $2000 tell him we said hello
  12. Let me break it down for u, v.
    * U wouldn't feel the need to insinuate a lesbian relationship if u were not thinking about it. U said it, not i. Oh and btw nothing is sagging here.

    * U can't pass a thread with roni's name without budding in with belittling comments. That already says a ton about u.

    *Aztec is going strong. Where is awp? Where are a dozen other clans u made up or were a part of? Where is the rest of ur crappy-crappy-bang-gang?

    *I pity u. Cause a man who doesn't know friendship or loyalty is losing out on life.
  13. Flawed logic Lili, maybe cause you lack full understanding of English you can't grasp it. Saying you are in a lesbian relationship is not the same as having a fantasy. Are you suggesting that Roni is fantasising about me and beast?

    I haven't posted on forums in a pretty long while, I'm sure Roni has been posting stuff during that time. Another flawed argument.

    Aztec as a main clan may be going strong, but what about those 3 other Aztec clans? AWP? Closed it during peace time. Other clans? They were just renames. Clans I was apart off? Hmm UC, still going strong. Zaft, may not like em but I'm sure they are in better condition than you. Worms, achieved more than you or any clan you have been apart of could of dreamed.

    Loyalty? Know all about it. I have people I'm loyal to and who are loyal to me.

    Feel free to try again.
  14. even ur arguments are losing their bite.

    Idc what u are doing or doing not with beast. But after calling her ur gf, don't blame roni for assuming things. On the other hand u came up with a lesbian thing. Must be something u think about a lot.

    U had to drag ur pathetic ass on the thread that had nothing to do with u. All it had was her name in title. And there u are. Trying to bring her down. I think English term for this is "attention seeking tool"

    Aztec ran u down before. U quit everything u started. And ppl who were ur friends are not anymore. U have NOTHING to show for urself. Lol.

    As for ur loyalty :lol: :lol: :lol: That was a good joke, i'll give u that.
  15. 
  16. Have never called beast my gf, try again. So Roni must of made it up. Must be something she thinks about a lot.

    I dragged myself onto this like I have other threads in recent days. Roni isn't some special one off.

    Aztec has never in my life ran me down lmao. Aztec has never even successfully stripped me in all these years. Ppl who were my friend aren't anymore? Then why do they talk to me? Confusing. I have nothing to show for myself? What do you have to show? Being Roni's sidekick and then a minor forum personality?

    As for my loyalty what? What's the joke? Im loyal to anyone who was with me loyally throughout my KaW journey.
  17. Also Lili, I'm sorry but everyone still thinks Lanie is hotter. Gonna rage leave another family now?
  18. Lie



    And another lie :roll:

    also v, lamie who? Lamie the trannie? Another has-never-been like urself? I am sure a bunch of ppl do find trannies attractive. Matter of taste. Don't know how that relates to the game. :)
  19. It relates cause you rage quit your last home to farm her after they all agreed she was hotter, and you calling anyone a ****** is hypocritical
  20. idk where u are getting ur info from, but it can't be further from the truth. I stripped her 10t, sat on her and kept stripping and farming her because that's what this game is about. And I enjoy it. :) . Also cause I wanted to and cause I can. U should try an attack button sometimes. Maybe u'll like it.