An insane way to actually make strips do damage again.

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  1. I think i found a simple but insane idea to make strips do damage again...

    Increase the % of stats you get from BFA from 0.2 to 10% with a slow declining 1% per 100 Trillion until it reaches 2% at 1 Quadrillion, making it more important to stat growth than upgrading at several points in the growth of everyone's combined stats.

    I think this can serve as a massive gold sink too, since allies would be more important then upgrading buildings.

    Maybe it would also make more people want to indi and LL wars to get mith for ally spells and even drags osws into LL and indi wars, if im against someone im fingting in osw during EE I usually target them first. ☻

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    What do you guys think would make strips cause more damage?
  2. It makes the need for allies more relevant, however you're bloating bfa in the process.

    Not a good move.

    Also investing in allies isn't necessarily a gold sink.

    You gain profit if the ally is bought.

    I thought a gold sink meant you receive an item/thing that costs a lot of currency and once you purchase said item you DO NOT get that money back and are left with an item.

    If anything, buying into allies is bloating the market more.

  3. I like that.

    I also like the 2009 rules. Once Trueplayer was stripped in 1 day though by several hundred players it was scrapped. Steal % was then moved one decimal place over.

    I also liked attack (not steals) taking a minimum amount so if you had a one on one with a hansel your initial strip you could actually clear a player if they only held a few billion in allies.

  4. Swabia, ty for your imput, the only issue i can see with that is that it makes hybrids op
  5. Thats what this game needs tbh

    Im almost 250mcs and it would take me 6 months to make 300t that's a pretty big gold sink and that extra gold would help bridge the small / large gap sooner

    You gain profit if the ally is bought.

    Several playersmade 3.5t-5t in a single zta in the last event enough to buy the most expensive ally on the market, I think we need some inflation.

    Either way it would still make strips more damaging.

  6. Still Kasama
    On alt cause phone is elsewhere.

    I agree with this statement but in a loose sense.

    Allies need to be worth something but not in this process. Stats are already a mess and bfa messes with it further. Boosting bfa bonuses isn't the right way to go about it.

    i understand you are 250mcs and it's not easy acquiring large amounts of gold but my point still stands this is not a gold sink. As profit can still be made.

    Slightly above your comment about inflation being good makes it seem you want deflation (Which is a step in the right direction)
    This is where I disagree. Inflation is never a good idea, infact it ruins your plans to make strips worth something.

    Again I disagree, your idea doesn't really touch upon a potential money sink and would cause other problems, imo.

    rest in pepperoni
  7. This has been suggested over and over again, kaw really needs this, devs take note
  8. We've boosted gold gain, boosted bfe , why not bfa?
  9. Gold to match the current cost for buildings... Due to what? Inflation.

    BFE due to natural growth and partially due to inflation.

    BFA, WHICH IS IN NO REAL NEED FOR A BOOST IN ANY SENSE... Is completely fine as it is.

    Btw, bigs who already have massive bfa will get an even bigger boost and if they were to ever get stripped. They could easily buy another.

    Doesn't solve stripping.
  10. I fail to see how this would solve anything.

    Just increase max plunder a significant increase nothing small.

    And put some kind of limit on the hide ally spell or increase the cost it by 10x.
  11. I'm a noob. Teach me kaw's ways.
  12. I agree you're a noob.
  13. I'm glad we both agree on this. Now teach me :lol:
  14. Tap a button and then tap another you'll get the hang of it.

    Seriously though what do you need to be taught?

  15. That was the initial intent on builds is to make hybrids the powerhouse in the game. Hansels though edged out once Hansel realized the win pay was higher because of spy buildings paying more.

    I think Corinthian sort of explained it sort of this way 'Imagine that you have only so many troops to run off with the loot. Spies are more troops they therefore take more on the way out the door when you leave'

    I paraphrase him, but the point made sense when describing game mechanics
  16. Kidding me? Some people made 100's if trillions from one zta,

    However I'll support because this seems cool
  17. While the fact that you'd be making money from allies being hired is correct, you have to think about it in the context of this idea.

    Sure, the ally gets hired and you make money, but this idea makes it so you'd have to keep constantly investing in allies to remain competitive. The profit from the hire would have to be reinvested, along with eb and legend money.

    While I'm not sure of the fine details being perfect (the BFA percentage scale per gold or even the idea of 10%), I think the idea definitely has huge potential with some fine tuning.
  18. Dope idea it to devs
  19. I understand what you're telling me, the need for allies will increase but people have already invested in allies and will keep investing.

    Inflation will still remain and that is the real killer here, not incorporating bfa percentage boosts.

    Tackling inflation by boosting A NON GOLD SINK isn't the way to go about it.

    Edit:As an idea for say... Attempting to match inflation of stats, increase bfa as it's kind of eh comparatively. It holds some ground but again, as a gold sink (which was the initial point in op) it's kind of not relevant.
  20. Yup exactly this, has always been an unfavored move.