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  1. Let's make a religion thread!
  2. No, Christianity doesn't teach that. I'm not ok with you saying hate speech throughout my thread. We're an accepting community. If you continue to say hate speech throughout my thread, I will see to it personally you get a forum ban.

    Besides, if you're reverting to the bible, what does Galatians 5:14 say?

    It says
    This means treat others, how you want to be treated. Would you honestly be ok with being treated like this if you were different?

    Right now, you're using your interpretation Christianity to justify your discrimination against people.

    Also, here is a website that shows the Bible isn't against gays. (

    Another thing...

    This thread is appropriate for nine year olds, you understand the world is a constantly changing society. Teaching about how people are different is not taking advantage of their innocent youth. If anything, this is educational letting them know that there are different people, and it's alright to be who you truly are.

    Also a bunch of predators?

    You understand that not every predator is homosexual, correct?

    One final thing...

    This quote...

    This is an example of HATE SPEECH. You made a thread about discrimination and abuse of power which talked about how you thought the bombings of Japan in WWII was horrible and unjustified with discrimination, meanwhile you're discriminating against the LGBT community. Kind of ironic if the whole point of the thread was to teach us a lesson...

    So, I'm confused, you said this earlier

    So did you have a sudden change of heart about something? You said you didn't really understand it, but since you don't understand it, you're deciding to hate against it? Quite odd.
  3. Lol, I'll leave that up to you.
  4. Lol "The thread is inappropriate for 9 year olds".

    But that thread about murder wasn't?

    Double standards smh.
  5. Can't believe I'm saying this, but Kasama has a point.
  6. How sad he got forum banned. I would love to see his next comment from that.
  7. Well said, Cactus!

    Unfortunately many people share his/her views. It's a shame people can't be more accepting and that people feel the need to hate on others when their life effects them in no way whatsoever.
  8. Agreed! Everyone is different. As long as it's not hurting anyone and it's consenting adults, it's really no ones business.
  9. Exactly right, Kezarah.

    The only people who should get to decide whether they are married or not are the two people in the relationship. At the moment, we have people making decisions to not legalise gay marriage by people who it does not effect in any way. And yet, the people who it DOES effect, don't get to be married. So we have a situation where the decider is not actually effected by the final decision about gay marriage. But the people who want to engage in gay marriage are effected by the final decision made by those people.

    That was a bit tongue tying haha. I hope my point makes sense though.
  10. It's essentially the same thing when we get government making rules about the rights of women, especially when it comes to abortion. But let's not go there today lol.
  11. I'm more worried about the real issues in our society today. Obama the Lizard King is attempting to weaken the human species by forcing GMO's into everyday foods.
    Please eat only organic natural please or all is lost

  12. I dislike this
  13. Honest question. Why does it matter what gender or orientation you are, in this game? We all accept you. No matter what. Live life you're own way.
  14. Those things remind me of uknown Pokemon
  15. i'm selling a lifetime-supply of tinfoil-hats.. interested?
  16. What you did took balls.
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