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  1. Are you trying to be funny.
    And here you are saying on your other thread that "you dont attack ppl, you find other ways"

    Way to make yourself look like a total spaz wad mate. You have no credibility here. Please, shut up about this topic as you're obviously extremely uneducated on the subject or extremely ignorant.
    Either way, no one should have to suffer such stupidity.
  2. Im not reading due to being an extreme LGBT supporter who doesnt want to debate am



    1.)One of the first few clans on kaw was called "LGBT".

    2.)The original developers who use to chat on world chat nonstop use to have; Lesbian, gay, bisexual, & transgender censored. Until one day a riot happened on world chat by a fellow friends and me to uncensor the orientations. More people joined in and spammed the rainbow emoji. The devs eventually came onto forums and worldchat apologizing. They were shocked that the words were censored and uncensored on forums and in game chat.

  3. Glad to hear that the LGBT have history in KaW. Let me know if you want me to add anything.
  4. I never said I don't att anyone. I said I hadn't there. . I'm not gonna troll thread though because I don't feel that would be the right thing to do. But anymore insults and I'll send you how is it stupid or ignorant to say 2 males or females can't make children. It's not it's a fact

  5. Actually you can, with science.
  6. I do personally think asexuality is a subliminal choice, most likely through a traumatic event.

    Or possibly a genetic error that results in having no sex drive, which would be a mental illness.
  7. The only thing that matters is that I am a hero for all people's. I made a big impact on scared people. I would make a great president becuase people look up to me and I'm famous.
  8. I think I'd prefer Kanye.

    But yes, you did have some impact on the community.
  9. I am a global hero, and savior
  10. Our country would crash too fast. Pun intended.
  11. 1. Your "inc" isnt a threat. So blow it out your ass ;)

    2. Read your other thread and maybe you'll remember your own words.

    3. You couldnt troll to save yourself.

    4. You're ignorant or uneducated as you stated "you dont get it" and continue to look at it from a reproductive view like it actually had some relevance.

    5. Make sure if you do end up in my news feed, you're prepared for it. Cos this energiser bunny goes for months...not days.

    6. Just because you have "gay mates" doesnt give you an insite into the LGBT community, or coming close to understanding. As evident in your posts here.

    Does that clear it up for you, or do you need more educating, cos im happy to provide.
  12. Shout out to the LGBT people!

    You guys do whatever you wanna do.....

    Forget what other people/group of people say/ think!
  13. Than it'sfaioed because not everyone accepts them, ex: the comment above
  14. Probably where most are going wrong. I dont ask for acceptance. Why would i?
    Breeders never asked for acceptance? And i dont critisize them for their sexuality.

    I just dont get why ppl lose their tiny little minds over something that has nothing to do with them?
    But i do find it funny that ppl spend pointless amounts of their life arguing that its not right :D
    And i hope they keep wasting their life fighting over it. Because they're the ppl that'll look about as ridiculous as those that hated on african americans getting an education in the 50's with their silly little signs saying god hates them and its not right.

    Fat lot of good that did em.
    In the end, they just wasted their breath.

    But hey. If they feel the need to hate on ppl just because of the gender of their lover, let em.
    Ever seen what hate, anger and stress does to the human body? I say let em hate 
    Its just a sign of unintelligence and fear mongering. Stamping up and down to be heard, and cant take it when ppl dont.
    like their opinion is gonna change anything :D
  15. Trans Pride Found Here! 
  16. In this context your status is.. funny.
  17. Lol at least you look better as a woman than you did as a man....and thats coming from a gay guy ;)
    You go girl! :D
  18. I still like dogs.
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