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  1. This is to show that the KaW community is accepting of all types of people. Get off this thread please :)
  2. didnt know you can tell people to get off the thread cause you don't like their opinion?
  3. Never said i don't accept people (not that anyone is obligated to accept anyone for any reason whatsoever) My issue isn't with Gay or lesbian or bisexual or trans people. My issue is with the LGBT community as it currently stands. I've a few Gay friends whom have also lost respect for most of the LGBT community.

  4. mostly it's the lgbt tumblr-people that make the community so hateable.
  5. Good point. Just be mindful how you word certain things, that's all.

    Side Note: Why is that Ashton?
  6. Oh dear god there's that too.

    It's more of an issue that's also deeply rooted in society today.
    The few gay friends i have are very nice people, we get along, we chat, etc.
    The only issue we have with most of the LGBT community today is how over sexualized they are. Like most of society today is.

    A few years back the gay parade consisted of well respected people who you couldn't even tell was gay from looking at them. But last gay parade i saw.. Well, it wasn't too far off from some weird all male adult film. With gay pride signs.
  7. I am going to identify as Chaos Undivided from now on.
  8. The current LGTB movement is just annoying at this point. Like I wouldn't care if they just shut up and integrated with society. But instead I see stupid stuff all over the Internet, gay porn parades, and rainbow crosswalks.
  9. #StraightPrideWorldWide
  10. Your local transfemale here ^.^
  11. Some people in kaw forums share some really nice thoughts which i throughly enjoy reading but some.. well are just cancerous
  12. Good for you and anyone that says you're otherwise is an ignorant, intolerant, uneducated, redneck, bigot.
  13. This is coitocentrism and it's a prejudice. Sexuality is not only based on coitus nor in reproduction.

    Incorrect again. I'm not straight, however, I haven't suffered ANY kind of abuse, by the oppossite, I grew up in an overprotective environment. None of my gay friends have suffered abuse, either. And even when there was an abuse, when the person is not gay, they will be back on straight conduct once they get through the trauma.

    So only straight people has the right to live according their feelings and the rest of us have to repress ourselves? Especially if we don't hurt anyone? I know KaW is medieval theme, but remember that it's just a game, we're pretending being medieval kingdoms, but actually we're on 21th century, :roll:.

    1) It won't never ever be any scenario where 100% of world population is gay, we all know non straight people is just a small percentage of population so pont is invalid. And people have children all the time, at least where I live, they do, :shock:.
    2) According to this the chatholic church should allow its priests and noons to merry and have children, too, :roll:. But I don't think so, groups of control in natality are needed, and wether is for religion, own choice to not having children or sexuality, they're always a minority, anyway.
    3) Nowadays science can help non straight people to have children, too. But I support adoption, instead, not bringing more children because:
    4) We're struggling with global overwarming, lack of vital resources such as water, food, etc., more diseases will come due to contamination and the world is OVERCROWDED! So this is actually a good moment to STOP bringing children to a world that is already beyond return to a healthy point. You might not notice it where you live or if you count on $$ and are in a first world country, but the situation is critic, and bringing more lives t an overcrowded lanet doesn't seem a good idea. In fact, I've been thinking during years that it's been long time since we should be working on control conception. We chould stop bringing that many children to an overwhelmed world.
    4) Why not adopt children already in the world and abandoned instead bringing more population? And this goes for straight, non straight and everyone!
  14. I don't like parades, etc. and I agree with a normal silent and respectful integration. Retaliation would only apply where there's an actual case of discrimination, agression, etc.
  15. Well crazy beat me to. That's what I meant. And I myself, also prefer adoption or anything similar over artificial reproduction, for the reasons I said in my post.
  16. I dont care what people do in the privacy or public with other people i give people a chance based on their merit and not because of who they like , as with other opinions on this threads however what has been happening as of late it makes me annoyed .

    You gain more rights cool you dont need to have a huge parade every single time

  17. Well said. Im glad i dont have to correct Herrwolf now 
    And as a male that chooses to have a male partner, i cant tell you i have experienced no trauma or crap that would "turn" me gay. Its an idiotic notion that we just pick and choose.
    You are either attracted to males or females, or both. Regarless of your own gender.
    And as far as reacherch on gender identity and sexuality has determined, by age 6 or 7, most know what they are attracted too or identify with.
    Ive always known i liked guys and not girls. But because of the community i grew up in, it wassnt until my early 20's that i finally accepted who i was.

    You dont have to "get" how it works Errwolf.
    Who someone chooses to be with isnt anyone elses business except the ppl involved.
  18. Agreed and well said, Tiger and Legendary.
  19. Haha I said it's ok but since you guys attacked me go make children with a male male combo or female female combo. Do that . O you cant.
  20. But all of the community doesnt accept all types. Nor should it have to
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