An apology to the zodiac family.

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  1. Zodiac elite and OP are both noobs. If OP was trying to be a badass saying he is "cheating" on his GF, then he deserves a farming. But on the other hand, for ZE to demand a forum apology for him saying it is beyond stupid. This is the definition on noobs right here. Sort out your petty problems without clogging up forums.
  2. "Tacky behavior" on forums
  3. I say omar demand an apology for making someone apologize for speaking about rl issues in cc.
  4. Great idea nightmare!
  5. Athena assn/sb p:20
    Ashes assn p:20
  6. Support Mrs. Righteousness (athena) needs to get off her high horse (cj) DONT CF bro

  7. This makes sense to me and I fully appreciate seeing him farmed for his disrespect and poor behaviour towards the women in his life that deserve better.

    As a regard to the forum apology, naming and shaming a person that is proud of treating others like dirt I can also understand. It's not like they can make him apologise to his Gf unless she happened to play kaw. But they can certainly shame him for his actions in the community.
    Maybe op will learn a little humility for the future.
  8. Lmao @ ZE clan chat.

    Please send an account in and watch Athena crying, hilarious!
  9. What a pathetic excuse for making someone cf in forums  It's none of your business what the guy does in rl
  10. Gratz on being able to have 2 gfs at once OP.must havd a chill personality to be able to get kitty galore. Keep it up!
  11. Exactly
    Ashes assn p:31
    Athena assn p:32, your sdp fell to 7
  12. Lol they should apoogise for only having 7 sdp, that seems like a more legit reason.
  13. Well 99% of KaW knows not to visit or join your clan now 

    i can't actually believe what I am reading

    Farm OP for being an idiot and annoying in cc, that I could have gone with- but for an episode of Jerry Springer - that high and mighty attitude wont help your clan survive in the long run.

    little advice guys - think about this thread and how its making you look
  14. Pretty basic you mess up you do forum post op lol whys it past that i dont get it
    Edit: stop flaming a cf postpost lol
  15. So most of kaw now has no problem with people cheating on their partners and bragging about it.
    Personally if someone came round to my house I would ask them to leave if they behaved in this manner.
    Same in clan if I was in one.
    Note to self, avoid clans that approve of destroying people's real lives.

    If you're in a relationship treat your partner with respect and dignity.
    If you can't do that. Leave them because they deserve better than you.
    It's actually quite disturbing to see so many supporting low morality.

    The person you are with is the person you may choose to spend the rest of your life with.
    To start a family with.
    A relationship and family is based on respect, love and trust.
    Without that. You have nothing.
    Farming someone for being so rude about their partner is perfectly ok if they are dumb enough to be proud of that type of behaviour.
  16. I don't think people are supporting low morality. I've been cheated on a couple times and it sucks. I think people just think (myself included) its silly to ask op to apologize here, as imho the clan is using it as an attempt to get kaw rep for getting a cf request on forums.
  17. If he cheated on his girl and shared it it's his personal problem that is not a reason to farm amazing that this crap clan got you to make a thread
  18. Can't agree more

  19. To me it seems more like people not wanting to read this sort of ******** in forums rather than all for cheating.

    I don't condone cheating, how would it feel if it happened to you etc.

    But I also think farming someone and asking them to apologize when you could kick or ask them to shut up is the better option.

    As op stated, the chick he is shagging knows he has a gf but couldn't give a rats ass about it, also his gf doesn't play this game so her reading this thread is pretty much never going to happen.
  20. Most of kaw would not want to read this. But making the doofuss humiliate himself for his pride And actions I get.
    I would not of posted had there not been so much hate on the thread supporting the actions of the doofuss. That actually saddened me.
    If it was my daughter.
    Well lets just say thankfully for him it's not.
    Off thread now. Op. do yourself and Gf favour and grow up.
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