An apology to the zodiac family.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by AshtonRocks, Dec 16, 2014.

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  1. I am no noob and certainly no idiot. His apology was supposed to be to his gf because of what he said in our clan. So in essence both his behavior in our clan and the tacky behavior to his gf. You want to call us the relationship police? that makes me laugh because he brought all this out in the open himself
    Bottom line: We asked for an apology. We got an apology. Its over.
  2. If you farmed him to get him to apologize to his girlfriend, then yes you are the relationship police.
  3. So. First of all his behavior bothered you soooo much, but you made sure to let him stay for equip? Obviously to look better on forums. Then after he leaves the eb mercs decide they want fame and farm a towerless attack build. Think that makes you cool? Noob. Assn/sb p:37. Why dont you apologize for your tacky behavior in forums
  4. If ZE are the relationship police, does that make you the farming police? I think not
  5. This is a public forum, attention seeker, if you are free to force apologies i am free to criticize your clan. Now, ive pinned your leader, make me apologize?
  6. Lol ZE I told u to beg him so he lock thread ahhahahaha
    you should just apologize to him now and stop that madness lol
  7. Players are also free to farm whoever they like, there is no rule against it.

  8. How about you pick on someone who can actually hit back? You gardening tool that rhymes with a bow.
  9. There is a difference between farming someone for no reason on kaw as a PVP and another to force someone to change his RL for you u guys don't get that lol
  10. That's right no reasons or excuses are needed
  11. Correct, so, ashes assn/sb p:46
    Athena assn/sb p:47
  12. Ze really.... forcing someone to make there rl brought public didn't u see where that got you guys last time??? Guess you will never learn
  13. they have a reason and their reason doesn't make any sense no one would have said anything if they would be farming him like that for no reason
  14. I'm sure nobody would have said anything if it was an "experienced" PvP clan doing the farming.
  15. a Experienced pvp clan like u say don't farm people for reason like this never saw KOTFE ZAFT or any major alliance have a CF requested for something that stupid .... I am sorry but i am telling you the truth
  16. Oh the comebacks i could say. Lol.
  17. They never were smart on posting things in public areas this is just another example of that ... nice work ze way to show ur leadership skills yet again 
  18. Ashes assn/sb p:06
    Athena sb p:07
    I dont see any apology threads yet, moral police not enforcing your rules on yourselves?
  19. Kali is more vicious than I remember :lol:
  20. What do we have to apologize for?
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