An apology to the zodiac family.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by AshtonRocks, Dec 16, 2014.

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  1. Both parties are idiots its his rl get over yourself attention seeking much
  2. Holy mama .... serious!?
    If u guys were smart u would have kick him and end this its YOUR members fault to have keep him till EB ends don't go farm him for answering you a question u ask him. IMO a big clan should farm you ... what you doing is not right grant him CF and BEG him to close this thread its better for you clan these things always back fire YOU GUYS are WRONG Kaw is against u you already lost save your self while u still can
  3. firstly, I mentioned a few things and yes i was wrong to say that in your cc, thats why im apologizing here in the forums as one of your friends request i do.
    Secondly, you commented on what i said as a "mess" so i clarified that a bit, maybe the way i said it wasnt pretty but it was what it was and i shouldnt have said it.
    Thirdly, why didnt you kick me ? Or atleast say something to me ? I would have been called for if you just kicked me, but you didnt. I left after the eb.
  4. Eh, if I'm a douche and announce it, farm me.

    On the other hand, if this forum was asked for, it's very much unneeded.

  5. Omar could never be sexist. He is love. He is LYFE.

    When in doubt, one should always refer to Smeagle/Golem for relationship advice.

  6. Lmao, its a damn game. If anything OP has already won. You all took time out of your real life's to hit this scrub for something that may or may not even be really happening.

    So please, stop wasting time on this scrub. Because do you know who attacks scrubs? Scrubs, you damn scrub :lol:
  7. Ashton, I let you stay because I wanted to give you a chance at the cloak. Which i think you got actually. But thank you for the apology. What you do in your life is your business. It was just tmi i suppose. And made people feel sorry for your gf. Hopefully we can just all go back to kawwing now
  8. I like how KaW now shows:
    1: cheating is good. Nothing wrong with being unfaithful, and tbh who should care whether you screw someone over
    2: farmers and anyone who fight for a cause are evil people and need to be fought against for caring.

    Glad this is now cleared up. Goodbye
  9. Never said cheating was good I said it is none of ur ******* business what he's doing Irl and shouldn't be farmed as something that happens Irl
  10. Is this real life lololol, this has got to be one of the the funniest reasons to make someone post a forum apology. I demand someone apologize to me for something at once.
  11. Listen stop trying to do superman its a game and you are getting in a Real life of player that's none of you're concerned its like if I would farm u because u smoke weed and weed is bad, This is not the place to get this fixed lol neither is the business of any person in KAW its your RL. If you had a good reason to farm him or only want to farm him for a pvp matter who cares but now u are pointing at his RL that deserve YOU to be farmed, please don't cry just have him kick next time or farm him for a real offence that is game related or for a pvp matter
    You lost this one its his **** Karma will get him one day but its not you that will change him and u have no right to try to do so
  12. But the player should keep rl to himself. That's why there's pm
  13. There's nothing wrong with a little reefer....or an ice cold beer on a warm Christmas morning.

    We had suggested multiple things for us to stop smoking him like a turkey and he chose the forum. Not us.
  14. You have admins and they have a kick button :| please stop you are not helping your clan with these answers ...
  15. I got 2 options
    1). Reset
    2). Forum apology
    I asked to apologize in cc but the person that was talking in between you and whomever from zodiac rejected my proposal of wanting to apologize in your cc. He said that i was banned from there and unwelcomed, so a forum apology it was.
  16. Awh. Another wannabe EB clan acting tough. Come at me bro. Zodiac Elite is pretty stupid!
  17. Sooo, at start of thread the apology was to his gfs, now its to your clan? The conduct wasnt bad enough to force kick. Attention seeking noob
  18. 1: get a build mr farmer
    2: you're an idiot, because:
    3: nobody said cheating is okay. The attention seeking your clan is doing is not okay
    4: farmers are fine, farming op wouldve been better than "you're messing up irl, we're gonna farm you til you apologize for your rl mistakes"
    5: you're an idiot
  20. "We're gonna smoke him like a turkey for having a life, cause we're eb mercs and want fame"  good job kiddo, apheriun bows before you
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