An apology to the zodiac family.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by AshtonRocks, Dec 16, 2014.

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  1. They think your sexist because you don't feel bad for the gf
  2. If you didnt want yours clans flilled with his cheating lowlife affair ****. What makes you think we do???Why bring it to forums???
  3. Umm this a a first cf thread i have seen because someone spoke about rl issues in cc
  4. I guess i need to clarify. I do not approve of op's actions with multiple girls. But my point is ze had no reason to use op besides seeking attention. Both parties are pathetic for different reasons
  5. look ive been reading and i agree with omar honestly you have to get a clan to get involved with his real life issues by making him feel bad about himself and making him tell the world that hes cheating come on thats wrong and you guys shouldve known people were gonna ask why he was apoligizing what did he do to get farmed or have to apologize let them deal with their own issues irl if they bring it to cc then just kick them there you go problem solved no need to farm
  6. ZE seem pretty awesome. They push buttons in a tap game to support their morals. 
  7. What do the rest of us do? Tap to be feared? To earn fake gold? To make others feel like noobs? To punish others for tapping against us? To spend real money on digital swords? Etc, etc. Though, this does seem like an odd way to handle the given issue.
  8. i've seen clans farm people for less.
  9. Seriously? tell me you are kidding me. Ashton u should never ask em for CF WTH that's your personal life and even if I disagree with what u did no one should force you to apologize. For all ZE members mind your own business a kick would have been enough this thread made me so rage I never posted in forum but this is to much. MIND YOUR OWN BUISNESS ZE you are playing a game. You have no right to ask him to change his ways of life because it doesn't please you guys. Its like if I asked you all to stop drinking because I would be against it! (I love beer) this make no sens

    Full support for Ashton to not Ask for CF
  10. Support
  11. As I eat triscits and read these comments, I can tell you all that this forum was his choice. I wasn't expecting him to type it up, I was anticipating inc from him.
  12. Ur meddling in his Irl affairs he should not be farmed for cheating on his girlfriend because it's none of your damn business
  13. Unless it was one of his gfs farming him lol
  14. Read the op's first comment. He wasn't farmed for being a jerk, he was farmed for talking about it in cc
  15. This guy comes to visit in our clan. We asked him how he was doing. He proceeded to tell the clan how he is sleeping with a gal who is so much better in bed than his current gf and that his gf is not much of a looker. He kinda feels bad, but eh, not too much.
    So excuse me but he threw all that out here and members in our clans don't tend to favor that kind of stuff. Nor is it something we want visitors to walk into. However we knew he wanted equipment so we let him stay til the end.
    There are apologies on these forums for every lil thing. The guys at Blood Reign simply wanted an apology for this guy's actions. That is their right. Do we care if changes his ways. It'd be nice but not my problem. My problem was how he conducted himself in my clan and how he did was unacceptable
  16. Peesonal affairs! Hes talking about eating in forums!! Personal life. Get him!!
  17. Then he should have been kicked
  18. Why is it he can be kicked for disrespect but not farmed?
  19. Lol oh **** ur right go get him zodiac personal life police elite
  20. They aren't saying to not farm him. They are telling them to keep their farming off forums.
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