An apology to the zodiac family.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by AshtonRocks, Dec 16, 2014.

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  1. Then you can kick him?
  2. And what's wrong with farming the occasional jerk?
  3. Nothing, but clan farming someone who didnt disrespect your members/clan is just a reach for attention. Forum cf for discussing his rl? Ze just wanted some fame. Noobs
  4. You are absolutely correct, Crowfeeder. Jerks need farmed sometimes.
  5. #ZodiacRelationshipPoliceElite
  6. Get 2 things clear.
    1). thats my personal life not yours, i will do what i please with my life (that includes if i want to apologize to my gfs or not). But i can apologize again for speaking of my personal life in your cc.
    2). one woman is my gf the other is not. I dont have 2 gfs.
  7. I couldnt agree more. Could of kicked him, and not ask for a thread. Seems yall seek attemtion, farming a por kid for being a player. And with with only 1k losses that isnt farming. Grow up. It's a game, and his gfs prob don't even read forums. There is no need for this
  8. I'm sorry Omar. We did not want fame. We wanted him to apologize to his 2 gf's for being a total jerk. Our family was not supposed to even be mentioned. If we wanted fame we would be farming random people and making them post forums but no this had a cause and if you do not believe in it then please just stop caring.
  9. How does it matter when his gf is RL and doesnt play the game?
  10. Again, that is my personal life.
    I do what i see fit.
    My gf does not play kaw and the woman i am sleeping with i met her on kaw, she is aware of my gf.
  11. "we zodiac elite are standing up against cheaters, we will farm them silently til they apologize to their rl gfs. So what if its their rl? We are the zodiac relationship police elite! This is our cause and we will ca anyone getting in our way!"

    Basically what ive gathered from your clan's posts
  12. You simply don't go into someone else's "house" and talk about this crap. It's inappropriate, rude and hurtful to the poor sap of a gf who has no clue.
  13. I have 16 rl gfs lmao come and get me
  14. You have a kick button, use it. I guess im being disrespectful too, gonna make me apologize my momma?
  15. Oh. Was his gf in ZE, and got upset and hurt over stuff said? No. You could of kicked, and not asked for a ZE attention thread.
  16. Actually Omar you aren't half wrong. We just fight for our beliefs. This is one of them. There are others and I do not have time nor do I care enough about your sexist ignorant POS attitude to list them all.
  17. Personally, I think Ashton isn't real bright. His gf and his other lover aren't bright either. Eventually, Ashton will get what he deserves for being a low life that only cares about himself. He should be a man and break it off with his gf. Let her be happy with someone who cares about her and wants to be with her.
  18. Um. Can someone quote where i was sexist?
  19. Where can I find me one of those?
  20. So what IF they did this to get attention? There's a kotFE apology thread nearby. Lots of clans do these.

    It is a little strange, though, that an apology thread for this is posted in forums. I suppose its justifiable to say that the clan itself didn't want this content in their cc and so is a sign of disrespect in that since.
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