An apology to the zodiac family.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by AshtonRocks, Dec 16, 2014.

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  1. i would like to say that i Ashton Rocks am sorry for mentioning and speaking of my personal life in another clans clan chat (zodiac elite). Speaking of your personal life in a clan that you are visiting isn't exactly the best idea since saying something that other people dislike/disagree with can get you farmed so i will say it again, i am sorry for bringing up and talking about my personal life in your (zodiac elite) clan chat.
  2. well now i'm just curious about what you said.
  3. Also this is my first forum post, excuse my typos and lack of fancy colours.

    Edit: my personal relationship(s) and my personal affairs.
    Didn't know my personal life meant so much to other people. Either way it was wrong to talk about my beezwaxs like that somewhere im probably not supposed too.

    Another Edit: they never kicked me from their clan, even if they had asked i would've left.
    And they didn't want me to apologize in their cc, they made it clear that they wanted a forum post.
  4. Same. Not sure to side with them or with you. More info..
  5. Be more specific.
  6. Personally, I agree with the majority here who have commented. They would like some more details on why you were farmed...Plus, we are not the ones you should be apologizing to.

    You know who deserves the apology, AshtonRocks.
  7. Or maybe you could tell us...
  8. And even if he cheated on his gf, why would you care? He could've been lying to make himself look like a bad ass.
  9. What's up with this noob clan making people make forum threads :|
  10. It's not just what he said it's the disrespect he showed her
  11. I have my reasons for doing what im doing or for doing what i did im my relationship, again didnt realized that my personal life meant so much to other people. Probably my fault for spewing my beezwax in someone elses cc.
  12. Zodiac Elite does not farm excessively without reason. In order for us to even consider doing that you must do something really bad that we not only disagree with, but also offends people that are not part of our family. Ashton falls into this category and only he can give the information as to why.
  13. Because infidelity isn't fair to anyone in the relationship, Dawg. It isn't fair to Ashton, his gf, or his other gf. To sit and dog the one you claim to love and then say it breaks your heart that she "makes" you cheat is crap. Ashton is in full control of his thoughts and actions so he knows that he is wrong.
    Everyone deserves a chance at a happy relationship, so why cheat? Why deprive someone else the chance to be happy because you want to cheat to make yourself happy.
  14. Pestilence seems to make an appearance on every thread I look at
  15. Let me rephrase what I said. It's not just what he's doing it's also how he said it
  16. Is it me or did this thread turn in to a Jerry Springer met with Dr. Phil episode :D
  17. I'm hoping it doesn't turn into Maury...
  18. So zodiac elite is now kaw relationship police?
  19. No Omar. It was just that a lot of people who were in our clan chat really disapproved of the "tone" in which he took describing the situation.
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