An actual use for mith

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  1. So not sure if this has been posted mentioned or even thought about.

    My idea is simple mith equip is useless given the fact we have promos with better equip.

    Why not be able to sell mith for gold just like all the other pots and bronze and silver bars.

    Option 2 is mith can be used to unlock lands or ug buildings by purchasing the appropriate item to do so with mith.

    This may get more people to war as they get a actual reward that is worth something other than just mith that is for the most part useless.

    Devs can determine how much mith is required or what percentage of gold you get for selling mith.

    Yes I know the downside is a crap load more gold in kaw but this is an idea that might get more warring and bring the game back to why people truly loved the game ......wars.
  2. I like the unlock land part may be a special tier of land only unlockable by mithril?
  3. But then the fairies would cry
  4. Or they could just increase the equipment cs, mithril is quite hard to gather so ...
  5. Or maybe the faires would start to war more often
  6. so unlocking lands with mith? how about 1 mith = 1b , so like a 200b land would cost 200 mith
  7. Support!
  8. I'd love to see this!
  9. 6 months ago I wouldn't said no support due to how easy it was to get mith. I mean, you could get anywhere from 50-120 or more mith in a war depending on what you casted, etc. now the max you can get is 50. So, I'd say this sounds like a good idea. Support

    Edit: I'm talking more of the land stuff than selling mith lol
  10. Prices are too low
  11. I could be a mith dealer?
  12. Ayyeeee
  13. Can I grow pots two?
  14. 10 bil a gram ?
  15. There's already a good use for mith

    Green eyes bruh 
  16. Color your name differently everyday and you will use mith. :)
  17. I like the idea
  18. War ee isn't war. It's a skirmish.
    But anyway. Ee holds little appeal since season 2 and all the bickering that happened and maintained.
    I accept many enjoy it. And many would if they tried it. However it is time consuming. For some of us that's time we can't devote to a game with jobs and family.
    It is frustrating I used to live wars. But I cannot physically do them at the times they are now offered.
    Many would be the same as myself. Hence why devs created the new promo equip I believe. That and the exploiters ruining the old system. So all players can at anytime try for the gear. Rather than limit it to a select few with the required spare time at set times.

    I would personally like to see mith earnt from pvp actions outside of ee. We already have opens in events and alt farming.
    All pvp hits would allow real pvp players to enjoy earning mith as well as those who use other methods.
    It would return mith to the entire community and allow all to then pursue new mith equipment through the alchemist that is both desirable and competitive. But expensive enough to make alt farming damaging to progression in the game.
    If you want to delay your growth 4 months with new build costs to get a shiny that's your loss.
    Add it to pvp and you add a new element to pvp. A new risk. A new way to slow opponents progression. And a new excuse to encourage pvp at every level.