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  1. lol Human societal behavior is cyclical's repeated itself from the absolute beginning of human existence. If lifestyle or standard of living isn't compromised then nothing gets changed or even questioned for that matter.

    We're on the knifes edge of existence now... most are too naive to realize it

    Progress is never linear humans always take two steps forward then one back it's almost like as a group we're incapable of reflecting on the past and then moving forward in a practical manner 
  2. Caucasian aren't responsible for pyramids. Lol this pigeonholing has got to stop
  3. It's human nature, something nobody can change
  4. You support antifa?
  5. You do know America was founded on trade with Indians, they couldn't beat the Indians no matter what they did.

    Someone needs to relearn history.
  6. Yeah let's just pretend the american holocaust never happened. You know, the one that was worse than the german holocaust. Yeah that one. It may not have been intentional but it was still genocide
  7. Don't partially remember chemical weapons or concentration camps being used in that time period.

    Unless you mean when the Spanish coming over with small pox and unknowingly killed millions... knowing you is most likely have to explain, everyone was dying from small pox all over the world and there was no form of real medical care to even know how it was spread.

    Only thing that happened was the English had to make peace with the natives because they couldn't beat them since the battles they fought was so deviating on each side it almost stopped the English eventually Americans from colonising, leading the Indians eventually accepted gold from Americans for land. Eventually joining America.

    There was never any grand conquest, those who brought war either made peace or high tailed it out of the Americas, should stop watching those cowboy vs Indian movies.
  8. I'm always wary of a proposition with so many adjectives. Good essay title though.
  9. Genocide implies they did it on purpose.. an example for this is the Spanish/Portuguese when the purposely sought Inca/aztec gold, killing the entire population... Colonist just traded and by the time they realized what was happening the population was already infected...

    People should really open some history books before making such idiotic threads.

    And yes..there is indeed two "americas" in terms of continents
  10. Oh look another worthless waste of space quoted me with nothing but a single insult because it hasn't got anything logical to even reply with. Not my fault your mum dropped when you was little barcode.

    But I'll give you Benefit of doubt because I know you struggle with common sense and true history instead of your made up fantasy world. So I'll give you another chance on trying to make a comment. Before I completely write you off as as nothing more then a offended moron
  11. lol well the truth lies somewhere in the middle ...Indians got screwed in many many ways "Trail of Tears" and all and there's countless other examples. Various Indian tribes banded together to fight the
    "white" threat but it was too late. They were killing each other in mass droves before any Europeans got here though (Aztecs)
  12. Now if only others can take your example monkey. And answer / reply like how you've done.

    I mean the Aztecs was no stranger to wars, there where points when Indians fought Europeans, then points where Indians fought Indians and other times when Indians fought with Europeans against other Europeans.

    Just a far shot away from the whole thing but gives a clear tell tale on how respectable the Indians where in battle because of how much trouble they caused for the colonists. Almost all football teams in America are named after Indians, done so to give fear into the other team and show that the team is a force to reckon with.

    But you're right with both sides being as bad as one another. It wasn't a pretty time period. A big power grab happened. But that's war and conquest for you.

    What gets me is that it's never the Indians that bring this up.
  13. ...they do lol What gets me is ev1 wants to blame USA for devastating native populations. What about Spain? They were jacking Indians North & South America for a few hundred years before the USA was even an independent country.
  14. Despite what you want to believe, your country wouldn't be anywhere near as developed as it is now without its gruesome history. I just believe it's flawed logic to think any group of people deserve a country purely because of their ethnicity, especially when so many ethnicities were involved in developing the country. How would you even "give it back" when no one specifically owns it?
  15. If you don't like the US you can always leave.

  16. Despite what now? ones denying nothing buddy your trying to make an argument where there really is none. We admit it we jacked the Indians ...hell damn near everyone that crosses our paths.
    Name one country that's dominated regionally or globally that hasn't done the same at one point in history ...English?, Spanish?, French?, Russian?, Italian?, Nordic?, Chinese?, Japanese?, Saudia Arabia?, Germany? EVERYONE has blood on their hands.

    If your country is so innocent and has no history of violence than it probably has never had a dominating status 
  17. India sucks ...USA no.#1 

    Happy now? Dude from Houston relief thread? :p

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