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  1. Don't hate me because you didn't bother to read your own links and got embarrassed. Hate yourself for not being smart enough and/or too lazy to read them before posting them.

    While I'm at it, stop lying. I didn't edit anything out, nor did I post Wikipedia as a link. I originally posted NASA and an article in the Guardian on the other thread, which had you bothered to read, I posted because they did an INTERVIEW with the guy who someone else (maybe you) posted as a so called expert.

    It shouldn't have even been brought up on this thread, but you posted about it here like you'd debunked something so I called you on it. If you want, I'm more than willing to continue to debate you on the other thread. I already have once and it didn't end well for you there either.

  2. Honestly, I've considered lethal injection an issue for some time myself. The cost for the drugs used in this procedure is roughly $86 dollars according to the department of criminal justice. Heck, I hate to sound like a calculating killer here, but there are far more cost-efficient ways to kill a man with even less margin for error. Perhaps some of these ways are considered barbaric but, honestly, I think hanging would do the trick.
  3. That's a cute Dragon. You obviously are a "last word" person as I've told you take back to your original several times. Get one more post in, because it's funny. You aren't making anyone think you're any smarter or cooler, just "that guy". On every thread so far. Including this one with your sad little "resources". At least I can post ones that put up more than one side of the story and as I said in the other thread, I appreciate all opinions.

    But get one more post in. It'll make you feel big and cool. I'll let you here just like I did there.

    Apologies to the op for letting the thread derail with this. If he gets to say "look I know it all and I'm right and everyone who has another opinion is ignorant. Wait I'll give you whatever web links support me", then it'll be over. So sad. Maybe this kind of single minded, unable to bend, unwilling to listen attitude, or accept opinions is why there is a death penalty.

    To the rest of the readers, you don't have to agree with anyone's opinions. But respect is to listen and acknowledge them. Then you may see a new perspective on yours. It's the key to growth, knowledge, and wisdom. The more we accept it, the better our world will be. Extremists are the root of 97% of our worlds issues. Regardless what they are extremists about. There's no room for it anymore.
  4. I only have 1 complaint about the death penalty.
    They let them live to long before they complete the job.
    Im tired of supporting these killers.
    How about we use or tax dollars to help kids instead of letting murderers live 10 years before we carry out the task .
  5. I hate how people say how guns/electic chair/guillotine are inhuman. It's the same thing as injection, it's killing someone's me relatively quicker and cheaper (apart form electric chair) but a little bit more messy
  6. I thought it was pretty funny. You posted a link that refuted your own argument. Now you're trying to cover your embarrassment by claiming you were merely presenting both sides of the story even though it's obvious you weren't. You were trying to refute me. That's even funnier. I also have no problem with posting again to point it out so please spare me the lame attempt to dissuade me from posting. It ain't working.

    By the way, I'm not the one who brought it here in the first place. You were, and you did it to make it appear like you'd debunked something you hadn't, so quit whining about it.

  7.  butthurt really did need the last word. 
  8. Actually, butt hurt would apply to the person who can't back their argument up, not the person who points it out.
  9. Well if you find your self on death row and your time is up who cares if it hurts you probably deserve a slow and painful death
  10. Punishment should fit the crime. Ie. **** should have the consequence of your genitals being removed. If the **** ends in murder you should have your genitals removed then be put to death in whichever "humane" way our screwed up society has deemed appropriate.
  11. The problem is, not everyone on death row is guilty.

    More than 4% of death row inmates wrongly convicted, study says ... story.html

    And executing people slowly and painfully violates the Constitution.

    "Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted."
    Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution
  12. just say "oh my gosh, you're right!" to  and save us all the incessant posting please.

    Oh wow! 4% according to the LA Times?!? Wow!! We should stop immediately. Thanks Diva!!

    How many victims don't get justice? Find that stat. I dare you.
  13. @ _Priest_

    It's an indisputable fact that innocent people have been executed. And no, it's not according to the LA times. The LA Times only published the study. Stop being intellectually lazy.

    FYI, I'm not anti-death penalty. If you'd bother to go back and read my previous posts, you'd know that I said some people deserve to die for their crimes. My problem is that the sentence isn't applied uniformly, nor carried out in accordance with the Constitution.

    And spare me your dares. If you want to prove a point, do your own flippin research. I do mine.

  14. Discus is an amazing Olympic sport...

    Oh lethal injection? Screw that!!

    Don't forget to tip your waitress ;)

  15. ...bend over let's find out 