AMD 3K Series Releasing

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  1. Anyone excited for 7nm?

  2. As it's all speculation, I'm not getting my Hope's up, but I am excited for this potential launch.

    I recently built my first custom loop with a 2700x and 2080ti with an x470 board which is rumored to be backwards compatible with the 3000 series, and I've got soft tubing.

    So I'm hoping that I can just pop my block off and plug and play my new Ryzen 7 3700x and move on with my life 
  3. I'm excited for it but I'm wondering if it's gonna be worth a jump from my r5 2600 to a 3series
  4. Im skeptical, but hopefully these ryzen cores can actually compete on performance level over time. Dont get me wrong their stuff is good but a lot of service stuff i get is cooked amd cpus.
  5. Always loved AMD, from the athlon processors in the beginning of there time. I remember we could over clock with a led pencil.  then they would burn out oops. Nothing a good set lf Fans could not solve. Whats better in ur opinion AMD or Intel?
  6. Having never owned an Intel CPU, Intel was better for a long time. They've been on the decline since the FX series launched. Chips too hot and couldn't compete with IPC.

    Ryzen is a whole new story, and sales prove that. GamersNexus just made a video of a sales between the two companies (based on purchases in his audience, a highly enthusiast group of people)

    You can see AMD has become a competitor, and even started to surpass Intel in recent sales for a multitude of reasons. (CPU shortages, 10nm delay, etc.)

    Ryzen 3 is rumored to surpass Intel in clock speeds and IPC, making it better in just about every way while being much more affordable.

    I'm confident in saying AMD as of late, is superior to Intel. I'm glad to finally see competition in the market, but it seems like Intel isn't putting up much of a fight.
  7. Intel has also removed hyperthreading for their i7 series and instead placed hyperthreading into their new i9 series.

    Effectively making the i7 an i5 but slightly better and in turn peeving off several intel fanboys.

    Ryzen appears to be the way to go nowadays, not only because you can get hyperthreading at an affordable price but also because of the wraith cpu cooler THAT IS REALLLLLLLY AMAZING as opposed to intel's cruddy plastic junk (cpu cooler)

    Also benchmarks are showing significant improvements to Ryzen's cpu lineup, even besting Intel's recent cpus at both typical computer usage and also with gaming.

    Yep, my next build will be amd not sure on the gpu though :/

    To add, I have not heard anything in regards to Intel's answer to Amd's Zen 2 7nm architecture and I doubt there'll be anything soon...

    But I'm sure if they do, they're bound to remove features to open up another pricepoint, jerks.
  8. i wont lie ive always been an intel sheep

    this amd 3k would be better than my i7 4790k right
  9. it would stomp on your 4790K and it would poo poo on my 6600 ez pz

    also it's a series meaning it'll follow the same Ryzen 3, 5, 7 points.

    Unless it doesn't and I'll be a vwry sadboi ):
  10. alright thats pretty sick