AMBUSH EB (useful info)

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  1. Ambush EB - total time 9 hrs

    - attack and assassinate 16800 Iron Titans. This also reduces Golem Horde
    - reduce 16800 Iron Titans to 0 and ass and att golem horde to 75% which starts phase 2

    update: The golem horde pauses their assault, the rubble of their defeated brethren beginning to mount.

    *Hansels do not need pots to hit the golem horde*

    -Attack and Ass Ruby Titans 25200. This also reduces golem horde
    *hansels need pots to attack the Ruby Titans*

    - attack and ass ruby titans to 0, then attack and ass golem horde to 50%

    Update: Your forces stand their ground against the endless onslaught. You may make it through this yet.

    -Gemstones - blue bar 200k - Steals only
    -Diamond encrusted titans - red bar 10800 - assassinate

    Golem horde - attack and ass (KEEP AT 10% or more until Gemstones is 0) once gemstones is at 0 ass and attack golem horde to 0 – Your clan has won the epic battles

    Personally this eb was not worth the time and effort see my Clan history for plunder totals etc. No Mans Land and Origins pay way better with less effort. No permanent item or new items was dropped from this eb either. But on the flip side cannot get to the other one without going through this one :lol: :lol:
  2. CSB.

    Cool Story Bro
  3. Lol vampy say assassinate next time lol
  4. You don't need to get gemstones to 0 you can leave it alone if it's too much hassle
  5. But if you leave the gemstone would that have any effect on wether or not a perm item is dropped ???
  6. Don't know if there is a perm item that can only be got by finishing the steals, but the steal stage is a red herring, any steals DO NOT contribute to total clan plunder
  7. @mikey are you saying that eb can complete without stealing gemstones at all? Cause if so that sucks even more lol and this eb dropped nothing nada zilch!!
  8. Yes this eb can be completed without doing the steals
  9. Even the gem description says to not let your soldiers get distracted by the gems
  10. Wonder if u get a perm item for not stealing at all?
  11. Interesting am gonna test that
  12. Anyone got any items from ambush? Frankly it's not difficult and plunder is not fantastic. If there is no items dropping, doubt anyone would wanna play it more than once isn't it?