Alverdine Aflame

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  1. Alverdine Aflame Legends

    Just as you are about to depart from the Koti Jungle, you receive a message: the port city of Alverdine is being ransacked by corsairs!

    Your army rushes southward towards the city. Already, you can see plumes of smoke on the horizon...

    This event consists of a primary Legend available immediately as well three side-Legends that will unlock over the course of the next two weeks. You have to complete your previous side-Legend before unlocking the next one.

    This event and The Harpies of Vigona EB will be available from today until Tuesday, February 13th at 12:00 PM Pacific Day Time.

    The Harpies of Vigona

    Introducing the The Harpies of Vigona! This Epic Battle will be available until the end of the Alverdine Aflame event. To initiate it, Clans will need to use 5 Mariners' Tithe which have a chance to drop from Corsair's Chests (you can get these Chests from daily Legends) and Royal Corsair's Chests (these Chests have a chance to drop from Epic Battles).
  2. Yay! Now no more wc spam!
  3. Wow new eb *_* I hope that this will pay well ;)
  4. Not premium as it doesn't cost money to open, but you do need the specific item to open it.
  5. If the drop rates are anything like they historically are then you'd need to open premium chests to sustain this eb.
  6. Disable Epic Battles 2018.
  7. So what is the primary Legend available immediately?
  8. True, and the Royal Chests take 10 nobility to open. So not exaclty free.
  9. Oh boy does this mean we'll get a romantic legend for Valentine's?
  10. The item also drops from the Chests that you get from your daily Legends and can open for free. You're correct that it is likely not feasible to b2b the Epic Battle, but if your Clan is opening their daily chests you should be able to run alongside your usual routine.
  11. Well those items needed to open are mythic ones, so it should be extremely hard to b2b it
  12. But the drop rate is extremely low. One daily chest will allow clans to only do one or two of the eb. That seems a little ridiculous considering it’s a new eb. Why wouldn’t you increase the drop rate for the item or have the item in the marketplace to buy with gold?
  13. I'd just be grateful its possible to open the eb for free, quit whining and be happy its not old man reskinned v100
  14. I don't think that's ridiculous! I think that's cool! It's an EB that pays well and can be done for free by everyone every so often as long as your Clan is active. Also it's only been a couple of hours, so I would say the drop rate is still up for debate. It's a Mythical item, yes. Does that mean it's rare? Yeah, but maybe not as rare as you're thinking. I'm curious to hear your feedback as the event progresses.
  15. The darkred colour text on the dark grey background is fairly hard to read, on android at least!
  16. I like the artwork on those chests.

    The plot could use a little work though ;)

  17. I’ll message back in a couple of days to let you know. :)
  18. Name a colour and it's yours.

    What kind of work? I'll pass on the feedback.