Alts, the elephants in the room.

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  1. Dear devs.

    In a kaw world where half the lb accounts are for sale, the other half probably scripted their way on there and whatever glooming theory of yours concerning revenue lost because of outside game trades justifies your stronghold on the economy related to the many alts in here, I humbly ask this:

    Could you for once cut the bs clandestine lawyer speak and make it abundantly clear how many alts are allowed per ip or main account?

    Disregarding those who abuse alts to farm charms and furniture, and I reluctantly use the term abuse, because it's part of the mechanics reaping rewards and trading them after you invest the time, come out, lay it on us and let it be set in stone!

    Players are advising players on this subject and you'll find as many answers to this as there are trees in the forest. None of which may hold any truth to them and thus, several players may be infringing upon tos unknowingly.

    So step up, flash the magic number and maybe accept the fact that this game has survived not on the shoulders of the few big spenders, but the many out there, putting in an effort, that ultimately keeps the wheels on this long overdue game, running.
  2. This game made 90k last month android/iphone
  3. I asked this last year to support. They said as long as you could manage it, you could have as many alts as you want. You also can officially play them all through the Kaw app . You no longer need flash browsers. They allow you to link and delink your accts endless times.
  4. Still need to be careful with the link/de-linking. One of my accounts won’t de-link itself from my phone and does a force sign in from the KaW sign in page. I had to de-link that account from Facebook to stop that action. Not sure what caused it either, that specific account is not set to auto log-in through Facebook.
  5. Unless they changed their opinion, they've made it very clear in the past you cant have more than one account per cell phone, any re-linking they are allowing would be news to me.

  6. You are allowed alts now, but, just not an excessive amount. Re/delinking limits are lifted for that purpose, so long as you dont do it 100+ times a day an acct. this was tokd to me from support a while back. Hope it helps :)
  7. This. Like I stated before, I was told the same thing . I used to play 5 alts from the same phone. Easily link/de-linked each account 10+ times a day.
  8. Some of you really should see someone for possibly for impulse control disorder if you're switching on/off tons of accounts daily.

    Anyway, back to lollygags for me. Hopefully you're all alright and not being preyed upon.