Alternative to possible medal increase

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Sushi, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. I almost had 10 then lost medals all the way to 2 lol I'm done w/ S5
  2. With spammers and open ps?
  3. The devs dont care about us, or this season. There hasn't been a word out of them on it and there won't be.
  4. Hopefully they can prove people like you wrong.
  5. Sorry sushi bro but I have to agree with subtle on this one.
  6. You still gain 2 medals even if you lose if you are a top performer. It's fine as is. Triple crown extra 3 medals is more then generous (and definitely appreciated).
  7. I didnt realize the compensation of 1-3 players is fair to the other 20-23 who lost due to the opening of a ps or mole.
  8. Yeah, this is really dumb logic. Triple crown is significantly harder to achieve for certain builds than it is for others, first of all.