Alternative to possible medal increase

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Sushi, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. Alright guys, this is gonna be a pretty basic post but I feel like it's something that needs to be suggested/stated.

    As the season draws to the end I notice that the top 100 may be in the 100-110 range (for spot #100). I feel that the medal loss for losing may have been more reasonable if if wasn't completely indi, as indi wars can sometimes depend on luck, although there are many cases of a "good match." I fear that the devs may increase medal drops this weekend or take away the medal loss for losing, I personally have over 110 medals and I plan on riding it out with maybe 2-3 wars over weekend to cling to my top 100 spot.

    I feel a more suitable proposition instead of the medal increase, would be to lower the highest teir to ~75 medals and add a top 500 (where the banner will be instead).

    You may say they didnt deserve if they didnt earn 100 medals but 4 weeks with 4 wars a day, of which many wars will be thrown can give even the best warrior miserable results. So my plea to you devs is to lower the top tier requirement.

    Feel free to post opinions/trolls below 
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  3. Wont be any change at all. Its going to end like it began.
  4. No medal increase or decrease, no top500, at worst maybe a top250, I'd say decrease medals needed to 80 for the 3rd tier banner
  5. Maybe a win is 3 n a loss .5 n help a lil

    Eg I'm 26/29 n would have 14.5 more medals for a total of 89.5.
  7. Like I said this is just an alternative to the possibility of it happening, and I would much prefer to see the tier lowered so many getting screwed this season.
  8. support adjust reward tiers to 10 25 50 then 75 or 80 instead of 100

    100 is tough from most ppls to reach.

    if there are thousands ppls can get nice pve equips from a 2 weeks event (not event need to spend 1$), devs shall reward more warriors to get the top s5 equips.
  9. Yep, I don't think too many should get s5 banner but I do think more than the 150on pace for it now should get it so 80 medals would be a great amount
  10. That's a lot friendlier alternative.

    If anything were to happen this should be the #1 possibility. Good idea.
  11. Op must just b a few medals away lol

    No support at all.
  12. This.

    Sorry guys, alas there isn't any expected changes. Make the most of it while it lasts.
  13. Read it, he has over 100 and is in top 100
  14. Clearly noob
  15. Yep bc no1 has alts
  16. Im ranked 28 with 118 medals.

    Edit: my alt has 3 medals ima get him hopefully to 25 and call it a season.
  17. fin you obviously have no clue what your talking about. sushi has seen the turmoil in our bracket, too many glory hounds and cheats. (rr imort I am appalled at what you have turned in to) kureshi you are still a free loader.
  18. In 3 days

    I rest my case

    Snowman. Noobehl i'll accept apologies
  19. The bottom tiers are not being changed, medal increase is not the purpose of this thread, it only affects the people close to 100 medals, whats your case again?
  20. It makes sense and it makes dollars. I was at 60 and just stopped. No more late nights and xtals for me, 100 wasn't going to be attainable. I'm all in if something changes for this weekend. If not I'll go back to my lovely ebs and save my money. Give me an attainable goal to chase and you'll get more money out of me.