Alternative new build ideas

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  1. With new lands confirmed as on the road map.
    What to do with them?
    More of the same old?
    Perhaps not.

    Whilst it was pleasing to see the Devs state that botting is not as much as an issue as was expected.
    There is a way to discourage the need for this practice and give something to the players.
    So for new buildings first I suggest

    Now first yes this would have some controversial aspects on earning gold.
    But to allow for that.
    First the gold earned would be set at a level equivalent to an abysmal land equal building per level. At the same rate as of that land were skimming from the top. Per building only.
    This would make it easier for all to grow or sustain growth during school , work and sleep for example whilst still placing the kingdoms at some risk due to gold being put out.

    Each of these buildings upon release would have ten levels.
    The rub.
    They would open players up to attacks by putting gold out every 5 minutes.
    They would count as active accounts and show up on battle list the same way any active account would.

    This also slightly limits the real world pressure on having to be active 24/7 which for most is not possible. But still allows players to step away and not lose out on all growth prospects.
    Unless they are in osw in which case let the chaos commence on pure spies.

    Second building AQUA / INFERNO MINES.
    With events most of us don't bother buying Aqua or inferno now.
    But there is never enough really to go around.
    As such these buildings would generate .1 of either an aqua or inferno drop per 24 hours. Each mine would have ten levels.

    Exactly as it would suggest. This building per level would increase enchantment success rate by 0.4 %
    Thus meaning at level 10, 25 academies would grant a 100% successful enchant rate.


    Next ALCHEMIST ACADEMY, training potion masters.
    These builds would increase the strength of potions up to 50% above their original ability thus providing a better attack or defence.
    These buildings would operate at 0.2% increase per level per build.
    This would see its main benefit in player versus player options.

    These options first would allow people to chase after specific goals and change the builds at points when they have attained the levels they seek
    They are initial ideas that would allow new options of focus for players without drastically changing any stat levels. Thus not increasing an already massive gap between new and established account

    The price limit for buildings should be halfway between that of abysmal lands and osman lands in my opinion.

    Additional build option suggestions are welcomed.
    But please not ones that add any type of troop or spy building due to that increasing the size gap.
    This could provide a stop gap between the next set of new lands and the following prior new troop and spy builds at a future point when perhaps more of the community feels ready for them.
  2. I oppose new lands till next year at least.


    Instead of new lands, why not new buildings!!

    I'm looking at spy atk heavy building and spy def heavy buildings

    Just like we have atk/def heavy buildings and balanced buildings for troops

    Atk heavy: forges
    Balanced: CoEs
    def heavy: Titan lair

    We should get the same options for our spy power.

    The stats might look weird at first, people with OCD might be upset, but I feel that this is a good change/update that could bring new strategy, builds, and a little more life in kaw
  3. We should have all out spy atk with 0 defence and all out atk with 0 defence now that would be pretty cool and make builds interesting. Agree it disagree? Maybe give your thoughts and opinions on this I'd like to see it tbh
  4. i would like to see the No Support Academy to be implemented
  5. Would love the blasted Mage academy. Mine is useless could really use a few lessons in how to enchant.
  6. Support
  7. Interesting idea, play around with it and could be really cool.

  8. Adding this here from the gold sink thread as it works for both threads.

    Destructible buildings ( on a new land set only )
    Good stats with reasonable plunder but at the risk they may be damaged 1-10% per full bar success % to be clarified.

    If this were incorporated it would have to be on a set of new lands and isolated to those lands.
    1 it is far too easy to trash smaller growing players thus forcing them out of the game totally if done using existing buildings.

    2 it doesn't detract from anything people have paid for up to the point this is implemented and won't offer any excuse for tantrums over past expense and people frustrated.

    3 it would give the lb a massive way to excite the top of the lb with them being actively able to compete with each other and fight for positions whilst smalls try to grow over the next year or two to compete

    Would work well on the alternative builds idea. I like.
  9. For the breakable buildings why not scale the repair cost to size similar to oracle? So smalls have a chance but a slight gold sink for bigs. Or mithril is another scaling example
  10. For spy buildings u want plunder bonus & plunder loss like attack buildings?
    Personally IMO there is no need to waste resources & time on spy buildings.
    I don't see any reason why spy builds need any more benefits either.
    Would u like plunder to drop like attack builds?