Alt Star Wars

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  1. A big congratulations to... ALT STAR WARS!

    After Hammer ran his stupid ass mouth about how good (s)he was at EE and calling out TNX about being crap and how he didn't ask their roster to war with him for 2 weeks, (and my favourite) "Hybrids can sko on DTW Hansels". He has been knocked silly by an alt clan.


  2. When was "knocked silly" equal to barely a 100m loss? Also, lol that's great. #altswin
  3. Because mc was market hired to win the war.. #Asw2Op.
  4. Tbh....#Asw2op
  5. Mmmm ok then. And how do you fit into this war?
  6. ASW ♡♡♡♡♡ <3 ^.^
  7. He's the hype man. Flava flaaaaav
  8. Love me some Flava Fav. Still wearing the clock around the neck?
  9. Its not exactly a alt only clan though....
    But gj
  10. It's a clan of alts and people who hit a few times then leave.
  11. put some respek on asw #ASW2GUD
  12. Full Support
  13. Clan name = Alt Star Wars.
    Nah they're not Alts.
  14. Shut up about people who did actions and left, all the ps1 were dtw to attacks whole war and we took your HYB and tank down at the start so stop saying that they left...
  15. Gotta love asw tho
  16. Ofc the ps1 would be dtw to attacks when your clan mates attacked them
  17. I love smack talk threads, I miss these since the pg forum era took over
  18. No, the plunder was the same. And I saw terror and others dumping regen troops on me, ty for inc btw.
  19. [​IMG]