Alt limit

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  1. Can someone tell me how many alts you are allowed to have on your ip? Thanks
  2. I asked this, because I was banned for a day, and I looked at TOU and couldn't find anything about a specific number of alts. And it said my clan was built entirely of alts when I had just invited 5 new friends to play the game and grow
  3. Who live in different parts of the country
  4. Smells fishy
  5. I don’t think there is a limit?
  6. There was a time you were aloud 2 accounts per household. Then it later changed to 1 account per device. So if you had a phone and two tablets you could have 3. But these days it seems like people have endless alts. Charms are ruining game.
  7. Wasn't even charm farming was trying to fill for war.

    Currently seems to be a limit but my tickets keep getting closed without response