Ally pop quiz

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  1. Pop Quiz!

    Why does Old-Trafford owns 4 out of top 10 most valuable allies (which are small stat volleys) valued at over 140T?

    *If you think this is a low effort thread, move along.. 
  2. Because dropping them would be stupid and no one wants to buy them.
    Also, that's a large pain to strip. (Just guessed though)
  3. When I search google for post count farming... This popped up

  4. I am trying to teach an advanced volley mech lesson here!!!! Don't make me post pics of HAWT teachers
  5. 140t worth of reset bombs?
  6. Nope.. This move's main intent is not reset bombs
  7. To screw with us into making this thread?
  8. I think he watched 59 shades of grey then went crazy. He thought he had to own crap.
  9. It's an lb alt, and occasionally bumps the allies with main for ridiculous profit on both sides.
  10. Xtreme! Let the young ones think it thru!!! Jeez..

    They gotta learn chain volleys and bank volleys etc
  11. It was obvious Ashes ;)
  12. This is my inspiration. This is my goal in life. Where have you been?!?!
  13. this is legit in the top few images if you search "post count farming" :shock:

    and if you click on it, it is balto post count farming while telling me not to post count farm. :lol:
  14. Number 8 to be precise

    Thanks Balto
  15. This Balto image, and the Bunchie will haunt me tonight in my dreams
  16.  oh god since when did balto get an image
  17. To gain those players millions of dollars!

  18. Sad thing is that's not the same img code ad the one I use meaning someone else made and posts it 0.0
  19. Two years ago I rotated through about 18 repeatedly remember?