Ally owner is Hidden!

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Hidden01, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. Hi, my name is Mr. Hidden, fear me!

    Unbeknownst to many of you, a new feature has been added to the game. As clearly illustrated above, all ally owners have been made anonymous, while kingdoms are under the affects of a oath spell in the alchemist.

    No osw player is safe when they cast me! I will make sure your underpriced are sold while you sleep! Nobody is to blame, but yourself! Mr. Hidden is everywhere! Fear me! The ally market is now liberated and truly free!

    /End Announcement

  2. Frog you are a sexy ally, I want you! 
  3. The devs should release updates the way clash does!
    Listen to the community and release regular updates at a set time line, sneak peeks prior to it and a final changelog so we know what's been updated!
    Sigh, not change things in the game without any announcement.
  4. Yeah, can't think of any obvious way this could backfire.

    Oh wait, any pure spy (or other build too) that hides allies prior to EE will have allies sell as buyers can't look at the owner and see that he has WoC cast.

    Might wanna quickly undo that little change before you get a log thread of EE related complaints.
  5. This was implemented 2 days ago to my surprise. You just catching it now? 
    Edit- Sasuke alt confirmed
  6. I wish.
  7. Op looks like pasta
  8. Lol I just noticed this earlier also; saw an underpriced ally, didn't see the owner button to check for an owner, bought ally, then got butthurt messages about I'm in osw. Yep, going to cause a little bit of butthurt, I like it.
  9. Who cares strip the ps anyways
  10. 