Ally Market Prices

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by HAV0C, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. Can anyone hire some of my allies lol. Remember me the randomly silenced guy XD hehe yeah living the dream T^T
  2. You don't need to bump a stickied thread.
  3. For easier access you can, who made you forum judge?
  4. Myself. And is not for easier access, because by the end of the hour, it'll be off the active topic board.
  5. But then it'll be at the top of the section it's found under. Again, easier access.
  6. What, it'll save you a good 1 second of scrolling, that sure is worth the effort of writing 'Bump' on this, which takes a good 5 seconds.
  7. Pretty much, and anyways it's helpful for stickied threads to hit AT every once in a while
  8. Happy 2 year anniversary to this thread ;)
  9. I do not under stand this at all
  10. Its not hard. I figured it out and im a halfwit.
  11. This is great! worked well for me so far ;) :)
  12. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuump
  13. All my allies are for sale
  14. Bump in the rump