Ally Market Prices

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  4. Btw, if you see me posting numbers like 2700/35,089 etc on ppls walls please know that they've been inactive for some time...

    These players will usually be found in page 5 and forward. Eg page 8

    If you wanna risk it, you may hire and keep them as your personal farm or share with the newbies you're guiding.
  5. Thanks HAV, for even solidifying the point that I need to volley, and I'm a noob.

    Also, that's a lot of money to test with. Mind sharing the wealth? 
  6. Just to say im having an

    ALLY SALE
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  9. Lol I never realised you said that :I i was actually curious for the lowest price :p
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  12. Lol. My price is not on here.
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  14. Bro, let's form an allies traders clan!!! U well experience!! Well,Ur allies path figure is correct, but combine with allies drop path. U can find more cheap allies!!!
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  16. No, it doesn't. The less people who know how to work the market the more profit the rest of us can make.