Ally Gains Tracking

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  1. Idea, I’m not sure if it’s possible but when searching to hire a new ally, a stat that shows show much they’ve grown in the last week? It would Help owners see how active an ally is or if someone was looking for a new ally.
  2. Support.

    Actually a really good idea
  3. One way you can sorta kinda track this is to check showcase or eq for recency. If they're using new eq, or have consistent progression of reward charms, it's a good indicator of activity (if not necessarily growth).
  4. Although this is a good idea, one could create their own spreadsheet.
  5. Yeah let me just write down every possible active ally on KaW and their stats, then go back through in a week.
  6. Even if KaW had weekly stats etc, you wouldn't and couldn't check 'every possible active ally' in KaW. If someone want to track allies for potential hire then it should fall onto the individuals efforts.

    Like I stated, it's a good idea but players can do this already to an extent

    An interesting addition would be a public API for eb times, allies etc would be a welcomed feature but will not happen.
  7. Support. Maybe they could track it as the last time they were logged in?
  8. That would make strips/farming a lot easier
  9. I agree with the person above about it making strips too easy, plus you can gain so much for effectively ally trading that it seems dumb to make it a passive process.
  10. ^What a bunch of brainiacs :lol:

    I agree with them