Ally Chat->Admin Chat

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  1. This is kingdoms at war be brave an tell peeps To they face the issue lol if they don't like it farm em until they do
  2. Lol true
  3. It's been brought up numerous times and ignorance has kept it from flourishing. Just as several people have pointed out, ally chat is a great way to talk to allies. If your allies don't respond, well sorry, sucks for you. Mine used to (when I was in top 4k ally lb) and I definitely enjoyed talking to them and helping them out easily. And if nothing else, you can post war targets there and it's an easy, fast way to access them.

    Tldr: people still use it regardless of whether you use it or not. Therefore, a replacement is utterly stupid. Though, the addition of an admin chat wouldn't be a bad idea.

  4. Too soon?

  5. I use the ally chat to help protect my owner from strips. As soon as I am hired away, I use the ally chat to tell him/her . . . .

    Wait, I think there is something wrong with this theory . . . .

  6. Im sure admin chat would be used a lot more than ally chat. You can just write war targets on a piece of paper...and you can help out allies through pm easily.
  7. I like ally chat, my allies all chat, I love it. Talk to your admins in cc or pm
  8. By the same token, you can pm admins. I see no logical reason to replace ally chat with admin chat. I'm all for admin chat, just not removing ally chat.
  9. As I have said before, I would use both chats and overall admin chat is more beneficial. If we could only have one of the two then admin chat all the way. If we can have both then both. Ally chat can be fun and interesting although it is highly flawed.

  10. Yeah i agree. I just think that the devs would rather replace a chat than add in a new one.
  11. Talk to your allies in pm lol
  12. Talk to your admins in PM, see how that argument is flawed?
  13. Flawed both ways...
  14. However in admin chat you would be having a large discussion where all admins can talk at once to each other about one thing. Whereas allies cannot see what the others are saying and you are filling up your owners ally chat and your own allies are filling up their allies chats. Ally chat is far more flawed.
  15. That's why all the clans with some form of intelligence have a third party chat app with all the admins.
  16. As does my clan, and from this I know it is far better to have a admin chat in kaw because its easy to access. No other apps need to be downloaded and chat wouldmore likely stay on topic
  17. So? You don't know how to keep on topic? Your admins have the attention span of a gnat? Just give up, this thread has been created hundreds of times, it's never been implemented because they obviously don't want to do it. So that will be all

  18. Actually that's my biggest bug bear with ata.

    They run social apps.
    And yet here on a great game with a chat feature, sorry meant that the other way around.

    We have to go to a 3rd party app to do something that ata already do elsewhere.
    We are pushed towards competitors apps.

    Why does at a not compete with them and strengthen kaws best feature.
    Now I'm not being rude about kaw.
    But honestly who stays for the game and who for the friends?

    So why then do we have to use a chat app that ata could compete with and in so doing make kaw a far stronger competitor on the App Store.

    Voice and pictures may be too much. I don't know personally what ata's limits are. But surely more social group options are possible.
    Voice would be immense but I imagine would create lag.
    But I know I love kaws social features. And that's why I spend from time to time. It's worth the money for that feature.
    New features shouldn't carry additional costs
    Though I am sure some would think of many ways to add a cost to it. I know I could.
    But it would make people more willing to spend if they are getting the best chat app for the money all in one place.
  19. @Riki
    Haha wow, new clan structure has been asked for so many times and now its finally being implemented. Maybe this will be implemented at some point. May as well keep hope. Unless the devs themselves tell me they won't implement it,I believe they will at some point.