Ally Chat->Admin Chat

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by CharIie, Jan 18, 2016.

  1. Having a useful platform for 10% of a clan (the leaders) to communicate with would be better than 100% of kaw only seeing half the conversation (if there is any).

    Full support.
  2. :lol:
  3. Don't really need an admin chat, in a successful clan, leaders know how to teach each other, via outside kaw applications or through pm
  4. If you had actually read my thread you would know that this avoids downloading external social apps...and the point of admin chat is not for leader to teach each other but for admins and clan owner can talk about clan problems/ideas.
  5. You can talk to your owner in pm too...
  6. maybe having admin chat as an addition would just please more people
  7. If ally chat were to be removed I wouldn't be able to call my owner a turkey in ally chat.

    Clearly it's far too important of a feature to even consider this.

    I already stated my opinion on this matter but I felt like this had to be said. You're welcome 
  8. Omg, that would be quite an issue haha
  9. That's fine by me
  10. Support support support 
  11. Having a group conversation with 5+ allies is not possible in pm. Sorry, you're not fixing the problem with replacing AC but just changing it.
  12. Then why not push for an additional feature to make kaw more competitive as a social app.
    Friend chat plus ally chat and even admin chat.
    Aside from pictures and voice features who would then need 3rd party apps?
    Adding those features would make 3rd party apps irrelevant. Kaw for the win no contest.
  13. Support
  14. Optimal, I think the point being missed is harb wouldn't have any use for friend chat, or ally chat.
  15. @Mango, its not really a group chat if the allies can't see what each other are saying...and if you had just read 2 messages above yours, you would see that I'm fine with having admin chat as an addition if that's what people want.