Ally Chat->Admin Chat

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  1. I agree, the social element of kaw is what has made it so popular and different from other games.
  2. If only people actually had more than one active ally and tried talking to them, they would see these kinds of replacements are silly.

    Being able to talk to all your allies in one go is a fantastic way to be social. If an admin chat were added on, perhaps. But a replacement is nothing but a terrible idea.

    Most of you have none or a tiny handful of active allies. Try actually building up an ally base and you'll see. Why should friends have to resort to 3rd party apps too because you want an admin chat? That whole reasoning is just flawed.
  3. Well I'm actually an alt and have another with a quite a few active allies.
    That never respond in ally chat.
    The dozens of pm's though and often from people who know each other would be great to merge.
    I do agree that it should be an extra tab.
    Though I would point out that the majority of players cannot afford multiple active allies and telling them to get them is perhaps unhelpful, when most would love to own more than one active ally.
    With a 1:1 ratio of players to active allies the second someone ( including myself) buys more than one active ally denies others an active ally.

    As such it is not possible for all active players to own active allies that talk.
    So it for many is a useless chat option that adds nothing to the game, much less social aspect.
  4. Agreed, except remove the time and member limit and you have yourself a winner.
  5. What was crew chat?
  6. In crew chat, you could select up to 5 people to be in a private chat. The group chat would automatically deactivate after a few hours

    The neat thing about it is that you could be pulled into a crew against your will, but you could only be in one crew at a time

  7. Ally chat is pointless. I support this thread
  8. While I see that ally chat has it's uses (I use it myself) it is very situational whereas an admin chat as a whole would benefit the community better overall. Simple solution would be to have both if there is a demand for both types of chats.

  9. I like ac so no support.

  10. Actually mango 3rd party apps actually help. Like my clan uses the app called LINE to hold clan meetings and also for the admin meetings and also a clan chat on there too
  11. I totally agree but not everyone is an admin which means for 90% of players admin chat would be useless
  12. 3rd party apps have use yes, I never said they didn't.

    @Kezzer No objection to having both at all, I think thats a good idea.

    What I strongly object to is people making zero effort to make their ac active by buying more active allies or trying to talk to their allies/owners, and then sitting with a load of inactives saying it's useless.

    That's not reasonable grounds for justification of utility.
  13. Sounds like a good addition. And exactly what is being asked for basically.
    Perhaps increase the number of slots but that would depend on coding and development issues. The option to select players from friends list would be ideal to invite to a chat session. And it would not need to replace ally chat. But could possibly run alongside it.
  14. OP don't look at ally chat and it won't bug you. I haven't looked in years.
  15. What's ally chat?
  16. If you have "harbly" any allies, or Inactives then ac prob isn't awesome. However lots of people have great discussions in ally chat, currently harb does not. I suggest hiring active allies, talk to them in ac, and see how it goes, before cast a decision about whether or not it's confusing or sucks. If you have a mp Inactives (like zafury) then yes it'll be meaningless.
  17. Everyone can have fantastic chat with their allies in pm me admin chat just seems more uselful. And I think the devs would rather replace a chat rather than add another.
  18. No thnks i enjoy the chat i have with my owner in allie chat