Ally Chat->Admin Chat

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  1. Ally chat is awesome I love the chaos as I reply to an ally to only confuse my owner who then confuses his ally as My ally goes into depression from my comment to my owner
  2. No, I like it when my master calls me his slave.
  3. Support ally chat is flawed and nobody should need to rely on 3rd party software
  4. To chat with my owner and my allies. His name is Mr Wang.
  5. Fully support admin chat
  6. Admin chat is a great idea imo full support
  7. Support, totally need to be implemented for better gameplay, it seems
  8. I actually prefer ally chat over admin chat, however instead of replacing Id rather just an addition of admin chat. Or really, X position chat since admins will be going away soon.
  9. To chat with your allies, I use mine more than clan chat.
  10. 
  11. The savagry in this one is strong...
    god damn man
  12. Admins can use clan chat just fine. No need for an extra chat.
  13. Often the issue may be on a specific clan member who most likely wouldn't want to see u talkiing about them lol.
  14. Talking behind people back? So not nice.
  15. Yea...if someone is being abusive in cc for example then you can't exactly decide with your admins,what to do with them in that cc on front of that persons face lol. Everyone talks about people behind their backs, kind of unavoidable.
  16. Just mute em after the new update
  17. I always like the idea of a second clan page for admins and then turn ally chat into a friends chat.
    Group selected friends chat could be the biggest bonus to the game ever. This was a success due to its social element.

    The friend chat ( selecting a group of friends and able to toggle off some frieneminies ) would allow large groups to chat and extend Kaws appeal as both a social app worth paying for ( as in pay for the features we already do and we are willing to support an app that allows us to remain in touch with friends so readily. Not a new pay for feature) as well as the game feature.
  18. Won't they still be able to see it though?
  19. I agree, the social element of kaw is what has made it so popular and different from other games.