Ally Chat->Admin Chat

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by CharIie, Jan 18, 2016.

  1. What really is the point of Ally chat? Like you talk to your ally in a chat the your owner is talking to someone else to in the same chat and it just gets confusing! Pretty sure we can just pm our owner or allies if we need to.

    I suggest we replace ally chat with an admin chat. (Yes this has probably been said 100 times). So admins are automatically entered into this chat. And with the coming update, admins of higher authority would be able to mute lower authority admins of need be. This just makes clan discussions easier so you don't have to go and make a group chat on an external app where the convorsation is never about the clan lol.
  2. I'm just waiting for someone to give valid reason why ally chat exists lol.
  3. So you can make notes on important cooldowns and whatnot. All I got lmao
  4. Hmmm that's a decent shout.
  5. I use it rarely to post war targets and ask owner to buy allies, post random emojis and ask him riddles
  6. Lol. I just say hey and I get no reply..:'(
  7. SUPPORT! I wanted this years ago.
  8. Once my owner offered to drop seals for active allies..i was inactive at it weeks later :lol:
  9. Harb doesn't see the point of ally chat either
  10. This is like the millionth time this thread has been made. I like ally chat, it won't be introduced
  11. No.

    Wont happen

    Been suggested too many times


  12. Admin chat would be very useful. Or maybe a mass messaging system...either way, it would help the clan run smoother and it'd be good to communicate with admins all at once and discuss clan matters etc.

    Yes, it is unlikely to be implemented right now. But people were asking for an update to the clan structure for ages and it was eventually introduced. Best to keep ideas flowing in forums, rather than shutting them down quickly because they're unlikely to be implemented :)
  13. You can keep ally chat and have an admin chat as well. Despite what some people think ally chat can be useful.
  14. Big fat SUPPORT for this
  15. It won't happen.
  16. I have never actually been certain of the purpose of ally chat.

    I can get messages from my owner. Then I can reply to him in ally chat. Which makes sense. What doesn't make sense is when my allies see my replies to him in their ally chat.

    I'm not sure what the original reason behind ally chat was but it's always had this flaw.
  17. No. Bring back crew chat from Gaw.

    That was the best feature we've ever had, 5 players would sit in a crew.
  18. My ally chat is empty. It can get quite confusing once you get hired by someone with 20+ allies.
  19. There's really no need for the ally chat, as you can talk with your owner/allies in PM. An admin chat would be much more useful, as mentioned by multiple players already.

    Support! :)