allow building tokens to be converted

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  1. KaW should implement a system where you can convert unneeded building tokens into ones that you need.
  2. You just destroy building recieve gold and use build tokens to rebuild
  3. Kaw should make us all BC ! And qs in allies then shut the server's down!!! Give give give want want want! Work for it
  4. Takes up time but it works
  5. Support - helps address the gap between top players and casuals

  6. "Just pay for nobs LOOOOOL"
  7. Can you propose, or elaborate further on your idea? As of how converting tokens is done first?
  8. This thread deserves zero attention.
    Bad idea. Any variation of this idea is bad.

    /lock soon.

  9. I would be open minded if I was you. They haven't even proposed their first variation of the idea in detail yet!

    Having a growth mindset goes a long way, just an advice!
  10. I feel like a 5-1 ratio would be fair? Ex 5 LL -> 1 HL 5HL-> 1HF
    5HF-> 1Abyss 5Abyss-> 1OR 5OR->1DM Or different numbers. It’d be a rough sketch I suppose ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. @ sean.

    I have a growing mindset.
    I also have a logistical mindset that tells me this idea is trash and will always be trash. Send post.
  12. Grow with real$ or grow with time... have neither then uninstall and be gone.
  13. This post deserves zero support! Don't we actually get enough free stuff! I see the comments that it will help close the gap between players!!! Do you not actually think that bigs have a stash of tokens! Yes you will get bigger but so will they!!! Also why should a player who has played 3 months be as big as someone who has played 3 yrs!
  14. Ideas and proposals for building tokens was already brought up in a thread I posted. Devs are not going to do anything about the unused building tokens. This also should be locked.

    I bumped my thread up above this one.
  15. You should really think about what you ask Sean before posting it. I bet your head hurts every time you post something. What a damn waste of a VK badge. Again they won’t do anything. They don’t want to have it alt exploited.
  16. I support, especially now you cant tear down buildings while in clan with eb started or running, those like myself that stay in eb clan in which ebs are ran 24/7 bout have to go clanless to tear down buildings. So I think this request has become a needed feature. It wouldnt be really different than someone tearing down their builds if they made the ratio to for each land buildings.

    10LL crestplates = 1 HL crestplate,
    100 LL crestplates = 1HF crestplates,
    500 LL crestplates = 1Abyss crestplate,
    800 LL crest plates= 1OR crest plate,
    1000 LL crestplates = 1 deepmine crestplate.

    and so on for each level above the others....
  17. The only problem is what do you do with Highland, abyss and Osman?
    12.5 Osman cannot be worth 1 deep mine, and 100 HL cannot be worth 1 deep mine either. Deep mine Should he held to an insane level, because they are endgame.
    Further I do not think Lowland tokens should be allowed to he traded, but thats another conversation