Allies reset by DEV 100% refund

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  1.  bump we should get 100% back we made the gold why should we lose it because you reset are allies 
  2. We need that.. Dev, please considerate our hard work. We desert the 100% refunds. Thanks
  3. Agreed at 100% 
  4. 100% supported.
  5. That will be great if we can get it back. Fully supporting the idea here.
  6. Support  devs should have do tht earlier
  7. Support !
  8. Sorry no support. They basically reset when they quit playing. Just think you had nice leeway period with owning them
  9. Yes totally d'accord with toi 
  10. Devs

    Many of whom I know on a first name basis know full well my position on this. Both in KAW and FC you have hammered us on resets recently. We invest real life money in your products. Resetting inactives and not giving us 100% refund amounts to theft in my opinion. You essentially take 40% of every dollar we spend. Some of us have spent tens of thousands on your games. And as you know from my posts in moderator pal, you have cost me personally almost a thousand dollars in the past week resetting inactives. The ally market prices inactives accordingly, and resetting them makes us not wanna continue to spend. I have considered a promoting a boycott across all games to all players on spending in the oracle until you have fixed this problem.

    This issue is NOT new. Prior to many of the current developers, I spoke with prior developers about this same issue as it related to unnecessarily infusing cash into Strip Wars causing a perpetual circle of stripping others. When you put trillions out on OSW participants the money goes somewhere, and most the time money otherwise locked up on inactives destroys enemy accounts causing more players to leave the game.

    ATA will make the case that players can use Volley Transfer / Resets to their advantage by getting 100% refunds on resets. I would like to point out your argument is flawed! You reset mercs based on a certain criteria in which time of inactivity is the largest factor. In order for players to exploit the reset refunds they would have to sit on the ally for more than 6 months. If you look at the opportunity cost for sitting on these funds vs buy/selling/trading inactives it's a pointless argument. Players aren't gonna tie up 6 months worth of cash when they can be actively trading allies, etc.

    For those devs that have hear my argument and/or reading this, you know I've been vocal about this for years. It is time for you to take action.

    Regards, ShadyMarine
  11. Thks shady for great inputs!
  12. I totally agree with this also. The amount of KAW gold people have lost without any warning is not acceptable.
  13. Totally agree with you mirs 
  14. Totally agree  I work hard on this game and use real money to support this! It can't be that big a deal to refund 100% Devs.
  15. Support

    Even if refund isn't 100% but close to it that would address issue of devaluating active ally market.
  16. This request makes since. Full support.