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  1. Sooooo, in WC the joke was made about the uselessness of Allies Chat. The question has been asked before, but maybe it's time for a fresh look. What other chat options could replace Allies Chat or should it even be replaced at all?

    Let's hear your thoughts! (As always, keep it clean and on topic please.)
  2. GaW style crew chat
  3. Yeah crew chat was interesting
  4. Never played GaW ... tell me what crew chat was
  5. A "crew" was 5, 6(?) players in a group, could share chat, set a CA type message, see if a crew member was taking incoming. We used it heavily in osw to coordinate with various families (clans) if you were in a big enough alliance and watching afk members for strips and such. Wound do wonders here across the board for wars, both osw and ee

    The downside was starting a new crew was completely random, you'd get placed in opposing crews quite often til they filled the spots. Then you might get lucky enough to start a new one. Profiles did have a join crew button to link up once someone got a fresh one
  6. Admin chat, would make it easier for admins to talk without needing 3rd party apps (Line)
  7. I like my Allie chat....with regards to admin chat, I don’t think it would be as beneficial as people think if it were on this game. In a 3rd party application, you can read everything you missed. In kaw, it would only go so far back. You’d constantly need to be caught up on things if you aren’t on kaw all the time.

    So, I say keep Allie chat.
  8. I love ally chat
  9. Could open up a bartering chat which would be activated by pressing a button on a persons profile which then opens up the bartering tab.
    Player 1: offers player 2 50 inferno in exchange for 40 aqua.
    Player 2: can accept the offer, decline it or even give a counter offer.

    It could also log your transactions for record keeping or something to that affect.
  10. I believe the crew chat would be awesome. For eb clans with sub clans would work like a charm but more than that would help those in osw alliances the most I believe.

    It would help relieve the use of 3rd party apps for clans alliances to get together.
  11. Doesnt give devs money. Wont happen.
  12. I'll personally buy a seal if the devs give me crew chat.
  13. How original and insightful..ok guys only come up with ideas that help the devs, not us!

    Something like the crew tab would be more useful than the ally tab for sure. I know there are a lot of folks who use and like that ally chat, but I would bet way more peeps than not, never even glance at it. Maybe this will give it more purpose.
  14. Maybe a separate chat for advertisements. Have world chat for everything else and then have there be a channel for only ads. I know many people don't like ad spamming so giving in its own chat should help.
  15. Crew chat seems like a cool idea, or possibly a broadcast chat to talk to all your contacts in one direct message.
  16. To add to this, devs have added in ideas that doesn’t bring in any sort of revenue. Example: Legends. Devs could’ve easily left that as a little treasure box instead of changing the layout of the home screen. Another example is transmutation. This really doesn’t bring in any sort of revenue to the devs.

    Both of these were implemented into the game in the last few months. So, devs don’t always make choices based on whether it brings in revenue or not.
  17. Obviously admin chat

    Ally chat is worthless
  18. Ally chat is bad because it looks like one guy talking to himself and laughing about it

    If you populated my entire friends list into ally chat, that would be cool thanks

    Only people who are mutually friends added into "ally chat"

    Pretty much it would be exactly world chat within moments of launching :scratch that:

    So here is proposition 2, allow each person to create chat rooms (1) just like clan chat and let's you can only join 3 (maximum) at a time

    And only the creator can invite people and it will have a limit on members say 500 people

    I think it must be more than 100 so family clans can make a "family room" and coordinate (5 clans) like families do and sub clans can get to know their parent clan

    It would encourage more clan alliance, those real popular ladies can have their closest friends

    And I can have a room to myself :fear:
  19. A chat where you can get randomly matched with a person of a desired gender and find a girl/boyfriend and chat with them. You know, KaW being a dating app and all :)
  20. Disagree because , I sometimes follow enemies to keep track also many people you speak to once and never again yet to bothersome to go through the list you might delete someone on accident

    Devs should add a ranking system where you can assign people a ranking of 1-5 in order to organize family / friends , etc ( private not public) also , full support to crew chat except for the flaw mentioned