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  1. So I'm not good at forums and stuff but I was looking in Allie Market and what do you know mis clicked on a inactive piece of junk Allie and it hired him I would like to put this idea out there ADD a CONFIRM button to it like it would help a lot on mis clicks what does the rest the kaw community think about it ???
  2. I heard this idea before but it was confirm ally purchase never before with allie
  3. I agree i accidently purchase one by scrolling.
  4. First of all, this idea has been suggested more times than anyone can count. Secondly, if you are going to post a thread, please make it interesting. Give multiple suggestions on how to make the idea work. Weigh the pros and cons. You aren't the first to think of it and won't be the last. I'm just suggesting so some originality behind it and people make take this seriously. No I'm not trying to be a jerk right now. I'm just telling you how it is. Don't get discouraged though. Go back to the drawing boards and come back better than ever! Good luck man.
  5. No support due to its negative effect with vollies
  6. Scroll on the other side

  7. Scrolling around the ally market with a couple of trillion out has turned into one of the more risqué things about this game. NO support to ally confirmation button!