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  1. U work so hard shol!
  2. Done with "B"!

    Knocked off like 15 clans
  3. ...

    Nuff said.

    Shol, I'd gladly come back and help if ya need me
  4. Thanks for the offer Crim, but ATM I'm just updating it due to boredom and an astounding increase in free time. Just for fun:) Dont feel like completely upkeeping it again. (yet)
  5. CRIM!! Haven't talk to u in awhile
  6. Done with "X" "Y" and "Z"
  7. Done with "C"
  8. Yea, I've been of the forums for a while. So many worthless topics by all these new, immature members
  9. Done with "D".

    To give you an idea of what I'm doing, "D" had 50+ clans and 30+ subclans. I have to manually search all of them. And, out of that 50/30, came 25/15 active clans.
  10. "E" is down and out.

    Any emoji requests?
  11. Add Vindictive Pleaseeee :)
  12. MODERN REPUBLIC has more subclan

    Lost legion
    V.I.p unit. Etc.
  13. still may ask the devs for a list of all the clans and could just update from there.
  14. It'd sure would be nice, lol
  15. Merry Christmas!
  16. The Middle is a clan
  17. 3M3RALD ASSASS1NZ is dead it was the green heart war clan

    Emoji request

  18. Bump...because I want to restart this someday