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  1. Still keeping track?
  2. 5000th post!!!

    And no, I just have some sources that indicate over 2k clans exist. I estimate more like 2300-2500
  3. Warers
  4. It's wayyyy over 2500
  5. Freedom fighters actually isn't a dead clan, it just hasn't been really recruiting much. Please take it off of the dead list
  6. Does nobody realize this thread hasn't been updated in months? Lol
  7. Nope. I though at the most it was a month old
  8. Its about three months dead, so yep
  9. I think people getting 2009 and 2010 confused...
  10. Lol i remembre this thread i think i helped with getting new clans this thing is hella old
  11. Bump for the good ole days
  12. 'the good ole days'? what? you mean no one has been maintaining it? now its probably several thousand behind lol.. :(
  13. I quit at 700 clans. And yeah, I'd expect 5-6k behind
  14. nah when I came back 5 days ish ago we were only at like 3600-3800 clans
  15. Oh, then not too far back, lol
  16. Because of that new feature to see new clans I'd never fall behind again. But checking them all for activity/existence would suck