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  1. I'll check it out
  2. @da_bomb I'll be trying to make a new list but I have to be careful because I've been getting my iPod taken away lately. Crim is busy with school so I'll be trying to find time to make a new list
  3. Okay. I understand completely.
  4. And lists are not part of my job description 
  5. Lol ur lucky osterly
  6. New clan
    Bradhadiars lair
  7. Subclan to the Olympians
    camp half-blood
  8. And stora, I got them back on p.195 
  9. New clan:
    i luv stora
  10. @ osterly oh i keep repeating some
  11. @galaxy uhhh yeah right...
  12. New clan
    gods of war
  13. bump
    im going to start putting a new list together
  14. New clan
    selcouth felines
  15. Wow how many clans r there gonna be? Soon teres Gonna be to many clans and not enough people
  16. sorry guys but it may take longer to put another list together. I've gotton my ipod confiscated(again) and i have a lot of homework lately.(and several projects)
    so please be patient...