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  1. This thread is for people who want to join a clan but are not sure what clans are out there or for new people,I hope no one else has done this topic before and I hope it's in the right section,here it is:

    -Warrior alliance
    -the knight alliance
    -Freedom fighters

    -Elite Templars
    -Shinng knightS™

    -Water dragon

    -HKA IG

    -Internal fire

    If I misspelled,misplaced a clan please post right catagory! For all clans under
    ??? someone please post it's catagory it's in! AND since this is a list I would like people in a clan above to post a description of THEIR clan(ONE DESCRIPTION per clan please!) thank you!!! I hope this is in the right catagory! Sorry if it's not! Hope this is helpful too
  2. If you would like to add clans I missed please do so! Just make sure you post clan name then catagory! Thankyou!
  3. Unless I'm missing something u thought ET is Elite Templars
  4. IP and Internal Fire are dead. So is MAETEF
  5. Sorry! I'm not 100% sure about all these clans!........LOL
  6. Also shiningknights
  7. Blitz is dead and KoW is OG which is active in a secret way
  8. KHE is pretty much OG with some exceptions and TZ isn't a clan per se he just has lots of friends in secret communique in ally chat lol
  9. ASF is a subclan of OSF
  10. lbs is dead
  11. C-tank knows it all
  12. DEAD(redo)
    -Warrior alliance
    -the knight alliance
    -Internal fire
    -Shining knights

    Thankyou guys!
  13. Plus whatever Corinthian added thx
  14. DragonBane-
    A clan of spies. We are rutheless and un-caring. As a member you may nominate any random player as a hitlist target. To join, message Ryol or Aqua on our wall. To join you must atleast have 900 spy attk and spy def.
  15. Please someone if they have time write a description for their clan.....(not sure if it'll be useful though)
  16. @Stor, you really want me to copy the first two pages off my OSF thread? Lol
  17. @Stor, you really want me to copy the first two pages off my OSF thread? Lol
  18. Well no....a short quick decription is fine....unless u want to