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  1. Can some ppl give me ideas about names or a storyplay. I kno the title. And the subject is medieval adventure. Thx guys.
  2. Bastion! Very medieval.
  3. Ok ill go with main character, bastion. Hey bastion u gotta description?
  4. If you need one I can create one, but you can make whatever you want it.
  5. Tht would be great, but u dont hav to
  6. Just create one for me i guess
  7. But if u dont like the description, then id make u look bad
  8. Post descrip here I'll tell ya what I think
  9. Alright.

    Bastion: a loyal and brave knight. He
    fights with no mercy. An excellent swordsman. But he
    misses his dead father and
    goes on an adventure with friends to seek revenge against his fathers murderer. He fights with a two-handed sword made from the most valuable resources in the world. He also uses a knife and bow and arrow. (btw main character)

    whatcha think?
  10. Sweet, any other ideas?
  11. Hey bastion, i got another idea! If u checked the anime thread, i got a new drawing, he could be in the story. If u want, u can help write it.

    Yanshizai: bastion' childhood friend from a whole different country. Hes a quiet martial artist. He fights with a katana and his bare hands. He always tries his best and would die for bastion.
  12. Awesome, I like it.
  13. Check put what he looks like tho, i drew him this morning while watching dbz.
  14. Can't find it. Post here?
  15. [​IMG]

    btw i fixed it, so srry if it doesnt look good, i rushed it
  16. Looks good.
  17. Thx, so we got two characters, o btw. Do u wanna help write it or?
  18. How would that work?