Allegations Against Jorathe The Silver

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  1. No no.. Minority report is about wrongfully being accused of something in the future that you didn’t do.. (Did I get that right?)

    Grave is asking if something he might do in the future could harm him in the present.. so it’s more like Looper or 12 Monkeys..

    I threw back to the future only Cos Lea Thompson is hawt and I have no idea how I would handle THAT situation

  2. Wait wait wait.. I just sensed a future on this thread where someone will mention the Terminator series..

    So to preemptively counter that, let me clarify that the Terminator comparison in Grave’s post would be like if The Mods send Mei from the future back in time to silence Grave before he violates ToU (in the future), but to counter that, the resistance in the future (led by Willy), send a future Kasama back in time to fight Mei..
  3. I mean it's sort of a point in minority report that just because you can see glances of the future doesn't guarantee something will happen and the people within the vision is to blame.

    But essentially, I was referring to the machine that allows you to...

    Predict a crime before it happens which links with the other dude's earlier post.

    But k
  4. The Mods already have that machine.. they dip The Mods (like in Willy’s gif) in that pool..

    So yea ur right on that Kasama.. I just didn’t like minority report Cos nobody was hawt in that movie
  5. I was thinking....

    If they ever re-film Minority Report, they should cast Kate Upton to replace Samantha Morton.

    Kate looks better in pools.


  6. 1. Its looper but i am the cooler version
  7. Grave..What if ur future version of you was a cooler woman?

  8. It has to be Jennifer Lawrence

  9. Just the pic of her brown eye can star in movies going forward...her and hopes Hole-o
  10. Further news.

    It has been uncovered that Ashes and Willy are in cohorts with Apherian to overthrow Jorathe.

    Apherian wants his place back at the top of KaW.

    Jorathe is know to be displeased, stating “they took compromising pictures of me when I was sleeping”
  11. Yeah. I like bein slapped around by a Big lightning throwing dude. Its like Zues is daddy
  12. You should see my pms with jorathe q.q the abuse cannot continue!
  13. Here’s my top 5 “Shady” characters of KaW

    No no.. not players..

    1- Goth.. Green oozing Jabba the Hutt..

    2- Second KaW loading screen gal/guy.. I just didn’t trust him/her

    3- Zuth.. 8 tentacles.. you never know where each and every one of them are.. ask the Anime fans

    4- That Tomhare tarot dealing, transmute dude.. he freaks me out every time he pops up when u transmute

    5- The Mage.. Duh
  14. As far as I am concerned he only assaults women, and women don't play KaW. So, Uno, he can stay I guess.
  15. 
  16. It's a lot less looper and bit more bill and ted.
  17. He stole my waffles on last Tuesday of the first day in next july. I was deeply saddened by this terrible fabricated theft. Pancakes seemed to be next therfore actions must be made! I shall sue for 1 million dollars and a taco ty.
  18. Skynet and jorathe took over kaw and everyone in here are brainwashed and forced to play kaw forever and eve and ever...

    Also ashes was abducted and turned into the one creature that nobody knew existed... He's actually the a thinking ape mascot O.O
  19. Yes they did abduct me..

    But the probing went to the wrong places and instead of a mascot, I became their cheerleader