All the good times

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  1. KaW. It’s a great game, a bad game, a fun game, a boring game. A lot of mixed feelings, but overall I’d say my experience has been amazing. I’ve made lots of friends who I actually talk to on a regular basis and some I even play with on PSN (COD, Siege, etc). But over the last year I’d say, I just found myself slowly but surely losing interest in the game. It’s nothing against the game, but as college became more important and less of an excuse to party every weekend I found myself logging into the game that I had always and I mean ALWAYS found time for.

    I guess it’s understandable. I started this game as a 10 year kid with a few buddies watched their brothers play together. So we got on and wanted to be better than them, and I guess you can say we were. Eventually we found ourselves playing everyday more and more. Until they stopped. One got grounded, the other just got bored. But I didn’t stop. I was addicted and I found my clan. Now by this point I was friends with many from both Foxes and iG. I know those guys can’t be friends right? Well I have spent my 8.5 or some odd years worth of accounts and time on this game about 60/40 in iG/Foxes.

    This is the section where I thank all my friends from these clans btw. But first, I need to explain another thing. Before this, I was the owner of a clan called Nikao Virus Epsilon. It was a little clan but we had a very active CC and honestly I had a blast with them all. One of them, my co-owner, I still talk to today.

    So, I have many people I want to thank for the amazing time and experiences I’ve had here.

    Aradus, thanks my brother for being amazing. We ran NVE together and I knew from that day on we would be brothas online for a long time.

    Avatar, my first actual online friend. We were very good friends for a long time who just slowly drifted apart. Much love for you man.

    Bach, I know we haven’t always agreed but I’ve never met someone so passionate about a clan or war. We’ve had many fights and many great talks. Thanks for always being there.

    Drgn, ily bb.

    Glenn, you got me into this game again. You got me to start warring again and become passionate about playing the game. I know I haven’t always made it easy. From my drunken fits in chat to my shaky activity, you always were a homie. Best wishes to you my friend.

    Jack, you silent dumbass. You a helluva leader and smart as heck man. You’ve been amazing to get to know.

    Pat, you my big homie dawg. See you soon I hope!

    TG, you’ve always been such a good friend and even though we met through you becoming a mod we struck up a great friendship through this game. It’s amazing what online gaming can do!

    Leo, you my man are the goat. I know we argued a lot but you always made the choices you thought best for iG. Others can’t see that, but I know you did it for the right reasons. Thanks man.

    To my foxes family, ayden, Darius, Colton. You guys have been an absolute blast. Always have part of my online gaming history.

    To my iG family, you all are the biggest bunch of fighting mothaf ive ever met. Thanks for all the good times.

    Alright everyone. That’s it for me. The GOAT of forums himself (Snoopy, Nate the GREAT) etc etc outta here with the last thread I will prob ever post.

    Nate/Snoopy ✌️
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  2. RIP, Nate
  3. Ok Nate think I shed a tear. You best hit me up sometime cause I like to keep myself surround by great players and most importantly great people like yourself :)
  4. That. Was. Beautiful.

    It’s been a great privilege to ride with you in NVE many years ago. Hopefully you decide to come back every so often, so we can reminisce on them good days.

    Till next time, Nate!