All the complaints about the new lands widening the gap betw

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  1. I have noticed that there have been quite a few complaints about the new lands. One that particularly caught my notice was this one: the idea this is widening the gap between players.

    Being a bit of a gamer (well, a lot of a gamer), and visiting forums often, even if posting rarely, I know that some other popular games, Brave Frontier to name one, have no limit on growth. You just keep on growing.

    These kind of games receive little complaint about the system. The very system which makes it impossible for two people doing the same things to catch up with one another if one has a head start.

    Yet here we are complaining at the widening gap.

    Put in the effort, you don't even need money. You can get high. You can still catch up. (Admittedly money gets you higher and gets you there faster)

    The only advantage of being a veteran, aside from the obvious fact you had more time, is the event items which can never come back around. (Which I have a complaint about actually, but that's for another time. I'm trying to defend the lands here.)

    All replies are welcomed. I do realise this thread is a bit behind it's time as the lands came out ages ago, but I only just made it now. So...

    Let's see what happens.

    Just to point out, I am only defending the lands. Not the events, or the EBs.
  2. It's not about that. Every recent event has catered to those who spend and require you to spend
  3. That is completely and utterly true. I don't agree with that way of events. But I'm just defending the lands, nothing note.
  4. I think you're really stupid
    But CBS explaining why so
    OP fb Stl
  5. That doesn't make it better...
  6. I was hlbc well before hf came out. After HF lands were released I increased my activity and my spending on seals and xtals. I was still 5T short of Hfbc when these new lands were released. I certainly think they are moving too fast and catering too much to the pay to win crowd.
  7. Sounds about right for me as well
  8. Untrue...
    This event is easy to attain better EQ.
    As for EQ from old events there is always still the mith EQ at the Alchemist store.
    WAR if better EQ is wanted.
    Last PvP event was much improved.
    It had 3 facets..PvP or EB or both.
    Wars/PvP r still in need of improvements.
    New lands effect wars n warriors mostly as well as needed for aSoF EB. Also will increase ranges war clans can choose from.
  9. I can only imagine those people who constantly complain about never being able to reach build complete are missing out on the whole clan and social side of the game.

    New lands dont change my perspective at all, its just more stuff to get, eventually. I also think should all those people complaining about not being able to get bc actually get bc, they would be at the front of the queue demanding more content so others couldnt catch up!
  10. I was HFBC before abby lands with out ever spending a dime on seals or xtals to use on ebs. Its possible.
  11. The pvp part of the last one wasn't... But apart from that ya they were.
  12. Last pvp event was a joke. Are you all serious? it wasnt even close to pvp, no risk at all involved and ppl farmed alts. I cant believe all you suckers think second pvp was better then first.
  13. Have you noticed how devs only posted top 10 ovent instead of top 100/1000 it because ether its a epic fail event or ppl are sending ata a messege and tired of spending,or maybe some many ppl are quiting on a daily basis due to devs lack of attention to the game.thinks like retaining new ppl/ee wars/pvp/post and copy (was working for droid b4 update ) any many other issues suck as lag list goes on and decide what the real issue is i dont feel new lands is one of them
  14. I play KaW 12 hours a day and this is where I've gotten in one year about 6 seals
  15. I'd say u have done well all in all
    Small stats but war a lot.
  16. 1 Year cub you noob try 5 months here
  17. Guilty it's because this event only rewards top ten lb with gold the rest is done by tiers. Op agree lands and buildings are good it also allows us to grow in an easier manner rather than having to buy more expensive lands to achieve the same stats to increase plunder. As far as the events only catering for paying I think this event caters for the different levels paying and non paying ( just get to 2000 and enchant or get a few hundred and get good equipment) well but should also have the pvp avenue to cater for those in osw etc.
  18. I couldnt care less. Bigger goal to achieve. People like guilty will complain but they still login daily and spend on kaw, so it doesnt truly bother them
  19. All I can say about these lands is its going to be very hard to max, and nevertheless I do strongly believe in a year or two that in the bottom right hand corner of the low lands there will be sky lands. Just a thought 