All Star War Achievement and Rewards

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  1. ASW was fun  I can wait a little for the reward 
  2. Wulf, you're a legend mate. Thank you. DM.
  3. Wulf unfortunately I got placed in clan 1 we had a lot of sleeper/leakers n redstars clan #7 did a great job of staying dtw. Still in war clan ranked 124 but in war came in #39 anyone complaining should war more u don't always win u try ur hardest n do what u can. To all our sleepers/ leakers Ty for taking my 8 hrs of hard work n throwing them out the window.

    Wulf Ty for all your work great as always hoped to be in your clan but was unlucky that way maybe next year not giving up on ASW it was fun despite Clan issues lol Ty again wulf for keeping us informed at all times.
  5. Wulf I did not read this till after I changed my name from santiagodelacruz to -SANTI- FYI just woman be sure to get my rewards thanks
  6. hey you still get eb bonuses I you leave the clan??
  7. Yes u will still get the bonuses
  8. It is my understanding that they were removed from the ASW clans the day of the war before round 1 began.
  9. Should not be a problem. but if others get their reward and you haven't please send feedback explaining what happened. They can check you name record vs the war history and get you taken care of.
  10. you only get the EB / SW bonus if you are there for the end of the EB / SW.

    If you leave (or are kicked) before the EB/SW you get nothing.
    Once the EB/SW has ended you can leave and the reward (which at times is delayed) will still be awarded.
  11. Happy they announced they will not be rewarding those who made it into ASW and did not participate simply to get badge/rewards. I am angry because had they announced this BEFORE sign up, there would have probably been thousands less who sign up as many joined for free stuff and admittedly know nothing of how to war. Just bitter I was on waiting list and probably could have made it in if 0 action people weren't signed up. 
  12. I got my Rewards and achievement badge for round 2 but only got rewards for Round 1, did not get achievement badge for round 1. Will there be one, or was this just missed on mine?
  13. Rewards have been given out. The levels for the achievement is as follows:

    Level 1 - Participated in the 2012 ASW
    Level 2 - Won the 1st Round of the 2012 ASW
    Level 3 - Won the 2nd Round of the 2012 ASW
    Level 4 - Won the 2012 ASW
    Level 5 - Top 10 players of the winning team in the 2012 ASW

    If you feel that you had missed out on any rewards, please let us know here or via feedback. Thank you.
  14. Is it ok if i dont see my achievement? Its says just- loading..
  15. Lol me too. My achievement had been loading for a day now. 
  16. I sill don't have a achievement hmmm
  17. Thanks devs! Now make it so that I can choose which achievements are displayed on my profile please 

    Also any chance I can get a redo? Used all my inferno on my bow, 2 resets later its at level 4 (it was level 5 when I started)... ASW cost me 1 level on my bow 

    Seriously though thanks again for organizing the ASW, I had great fun!
  18. Kaw admin I got no rewards-just a badge that says im a loser -thx for that 12th in plunder for conquerors and no mith aqua or inferno. I sent feedback earlier today but to no avail. Thx for any response
  19. *conquest
  20. ty  so much inferno / aqua