All star war 2019

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  1. Press X to doubt. This is clearly overblown. I'm not sure which clan you talked to but Blood Gladiators we had to explain this concept to only a few smalls (Cr50-55-60 ish). Also its not a very complicated thing to explain.

    'It would prevent alt moles?' Really? Why would it make it more difficult for people to cast multiple accounts in regular wars then?
  2. Because most guy/ alts won't cast during the year so this would ensure only those who war on a regular basis had the requirements to enter asw, this may not reduce moles but certainly alts who cast !
  3. ASW should be as it was originally intended. A yearly celebration for those who put in the work through out the time span of kaw. Not who cast the most wars in a year, or wins the most wars where only 20 people sign up anyhow. Think about the yearly war groups. If you only took the top 1600 from system wars you would still have 30 person teams. Or you would have even more people casting and just hitting for rewards all year and not to actually war. Leave ASW as it was intended. Top 10k, or even better top 5k. Leave it friday/Saturday/Sunday. I would think adjusting times each year for other countries to have better war times would also be fair. But to only cater to the dead system war group you might as well make it monday threw Friday 11am to 1pm. Just one man's opinion.
  4. Can someone tell me why the asw horse is around 50b when T10’s are much less than that and more rare?
  5. LOL. Supply and Demand. Nobody really cares about the T-10's cuz they're random pets from outdated sets. The Seasonal War set is a well-known set and isn't readily obtainable just by paying money to sit in NK.

    If people wanna sell the pet for tons of money and nobody buys then the market will shift and prices will drop. If not, and you can't pay the price, guess you're not getting one.