All star war 2019

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  1. Missing Asw burns me up i hate this new directions devs are taking in slowly starting to hard this game weekday Asw 👎👎 money will stay in my bank after this bad idea.
  2. Asw was fun imo, just didn't like that it was durning the week. I think 2 hour war would be perfect feels like the middle of the war is usually a bunch of skoing.😎
  3. Ya dev is sending strong message - is ok to open for your main/gf/ gay Friend at other side .

    And also allow those doing 1 unload and sleep like _____kakshe_______ @ sucker punch cr 5 or alb 66.
    Thus let do the asw at weekend if weekday your side is not monitoring the war real time
  4. this needs to be implemented
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  5. You won because you stripped our ps you moron!
    Not because you were good.
    Really sad. Asw could have been fun but again and again ps-strips are all that decide.
    Now please just shut up and enjoy your victory.
  6. You won because you stripped our ps you moron!
    Not because you were good.
    Really sad. Asw could have been fun but again and again ps-strips are all that decide.
    Now please just shut up and enjoy your victory.
  7. What’s wrong with stripping ps in a war? Using build’s mechs and taking advantage of lack of skill/logic/strategical thinking of your opponent? It’s a weak tactic, more like last resort and nothing to brag about but I don’t think it’s anything to shame people for either.
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  8. Hate the new forum format. Missed ASW & 1 more reason my interest in KaW is further waining.
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  9. Stripping is oart of war whether i like it or not. Any PS that enters war not prepared for it is not warring as they should. It is one thing they get eb benefits that beat other builds but entering wars with a PS build requires attention to not be a liability. The blame falls on them. Usually most PS are in sko and have the time to buy allies by having a list ready. If not then something needs changing so they do not hand out wins to Ops.
  10. Hope next time it’s weekend war I’m too busy during week.
  11. Epic failed asw
  12. Asw should be less inclusive! Should be a system where during the year your awarded points for daily wars and only those who have achieved desired points can enter asw! Maybe less cr but at least you know they are war experienced
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  13. Who stripped who first? Get your facts right your ps decided to be inactive with gold out just saying!
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  14. ^ this. Making up stories about how we stripped first when you had an inac ps on your side that our wc said not to hit. Then you strip and we counter-strip and you cry? :thinking:
  15. ASW may have been run smoothly but I fear mid-week seasonal tournaments may become the norm. Please return them to weekend now you have a successful event under your belt 😊
  16. Yes we obviously had an inactive ps with gold out on our side at start. But we couldn’t have known if he got stripped or if he had gold out from start. Because he was inactive. What kind of person joins a war as ps with gold out???
    So we tracked his battle losses and saw that raised 100 after 100.
    You claim your wc told you not to atk? Either it’s a lie or no one gave a crap.
    So after about 400-500 Battle Losses someone in our team decided to counter strip. I guess we took approximately the same amount back that you took first. Things were even again.

    The deciding part was your strip at the end which made about 10t or more in plunder.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m just saying two things:

    1. It’s a shame that ps-strips decide wars like that. It just doesn’t make any sence the whole war is ad absurdum that way. It’s simply a pity because without that wars could really be cool when strategy, teamplay and effort would make sence again.

    2. Without a doubt as long as it’s possible strips are a legal way. But they are nothing to brag about after like that moron upwards did. It’s a poor win that a decent and experienced player should take quiet and humble and not with a big mouth. Just sayin.

    Now go on. Gz to the winners.
  17. thank you. I dislike getting into shouting matches with an opponent, regardless of the outcome of the original conflict.

    i talked a bit to Grave about this, especially my POV vs his etc and we came to the consensus that strips did occur and that at the end of the day it just wasn't something we could prevent, it's a problem ATA needs to address.

    From my pov, we purposefully did not attack him, and since you had Jedi on your team, you were able to easily remove him: but left our open ps on our side. And that's why all of us were so mad we counter-stripped. We viewed it as using the PS to your advantage.

    The other thing is, it is difficult for us to believe the BL just based on your words alone. For example, for our leaky ps I tracked exactly how many BL he has on his wall. He sustained ~500 losses which net around 16T in money lost. Next time, I think for war etiquette, all PS should have their BL tracked on their wall, and ATA should give clan members the option to remove leaky or inactive players.

    I'm sad to see that a great war was ruined by A SINGLE BUILD on both sides, and hope that instead of blaming each other, we look towards asking the devs for a way to adjust PS and battle mechs for war.
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  18. If ASW was as exclusive as the name implies, there will be no ps stupid/careless/selfish enough to join with allies or gold out on either side. Or at least we won’t hear all that crying every time. Same goes for weekday schedule. I was asked by many if I was casting just for rewards. ‘Let the diehards war, chance is worth it’ lol Of course ps will cast, of course there will be planting of alts etc. Weeding system has to be taken way more seriously. It’s hardly a ‘Star’ war of any kind right now
  19. Don’t cry about ps as a build, it’s got its advantages, disadvantages and purpose. Let ps cast as long as his/her war credit/record/reputation/asw score/whatever the selection criteria is, allows and farm it or its main if it fails you anyway. This is a war game and all is fair in love and war After all.

    This reminds me my tower build In first ee trails -first and undefeated so everyone was crying ‘unfair’, like I was the only allowed to build towers🙄More builds - more fun
  20. I have spoken to a few people regards to issues in daily wars and the asw, our Clan was half full of guys who had never warred at all, explaining sko to half a clan with five mins to go is difficult!!! A player points system is required for asw as there should be for daily wars, with players entered into the appropriate clan, asw should be an exclusive war with players who have achieved a certain criteria allowed to enter, this would prevent a lot of alts moles casting